ITT Technical Institute. Photo by Forsaken Fotos on Flickr.
15 Sep 2016

ITT Tech Students Start Debt Strike

Over 100 former students of the now-defunct for-profit ITT Technical Institute have announced a debt strike against their government-issued student loans.

An empty board room with a large meeting table surrounded by executive office chairs. (Flickr / reynermedia)
04 Jan 2016

Wall Street Taking Over Nonprofit Sector

A new study by Stanford Social Innovation Review reveals the growing Wall Street take over of the boards of major nonprofit organizations.

Students, staff, and community members meet for a rally in Iowa State University's Beardshear Hall on November 16, 2015. The rally was to show solidarity with the students protesting about racism in Mizzou, and called for action and reform from the ISU administration. (Flickr / Max Goldberg)
23 Nov 2015

VIDEO: Why The #BlackOnCampus Movement Matters

In just 3 minutes, Eleanor Goldfield of Act Out! explains why #BlackOnCampus is at the heart of a new activist awakening on American college campuses.

File: Empty desk chairs assembled in the corner of a dingy classroom. (Morguefile)
02 Nov 2015

CAIR: FBI’s CVE Program Stigmatizes Muslim Students (VIDEO)

CAIR: “The FBI’s job is not to offer programs that introduce suspicion into their relations with teachers and can lead to stigmatization and bullying.”

Bernie Sanders smiles as he stands at a podium during a rally in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 26, 2015. (Wikimedia Commons / Nick Solari)
01 Oct 2015

Bernie Sanders & Jill Stein’s College Plans Treat Education As A Human Right

Though Clinton promises to make college affordable, both Stein and Sanders rolled out bold plans to slash student debt and make education accessible to all.

On Day 34, Fight for Dyett announces an end to their hunger strike (Photo by Bob Simpson)
20 Sep 2015

Podcast: As Hunger Strike Ends, Parent Shares How Fight for Dyett Means Everything to Her

The Fight for Dyett, a grassroots campaign to revitalize and save Walter H. Dyett High School on the south side of Chicago, ended a 34-day hunger strike on September 19. At least twelve people had participated in the hunger strike in order to save the public school from being closed down and privatized.

A Palestinian child looks over the ruins of a stone wall in Ma'asara, on the West Bank, Palestine, on January 8, 2010. (Flickr / Ian McKellar)
17 Sep 2015

13M Children Forced Out Of School By Western Destabilization Efforts In Middle East

Presented in partnership with MintPress News. UNITED NATIONS — Years of war and unrest devastated education in the Middle East and North Africa, leaving more than 13 million children without safe or reliable schools across the region, according to a new report from UNICEF. The report, “Education Under Fire,” which

The exterior of a Sandford-Brown college campus, photographed on June 1, 2012. A for-profit college, Brown went out of business in May 2015. (Flickr / m01229).
14 Sep 2015

Student Loan Crisis Driven By For-Profit Colleges, Report Shows

Brookings Institution found that “most of the increase in default is because of an upsurge in the number of borrowers attending for-profit schools and, to a lesser-extent, community colleges and other non-selective institutions whose students had historically composed only a small share of student borrowing.”

Protesters dance around the Occupy Austin "Party Wagon" mobile sound system at Austin Pride on September 22, 2012. Shadowproof's editors suggest more people follow the Occupy Austin rule, "Celebrate every victory." (Facebook / Occupy Austin)
07 Aug 2015

Celebrate Every Victory, And Other Feedback On Our First Week

This second edition of the Shadowproof mailbag is dedicated to all our readers that participated in our community during our first week. I was consistently impressed by not just your insight, but also your kindness to each other in our conversations. Thank you for making our first steps so successful. Below is a selection of our feedback with some responses from our staff.

File: An empty classroom, photographed from beneath a desk. (Flickr / Todd Binger)
04 Aug 2015

How Should Teachers Handle Violent Students? (Reader Response)

“Forgetting about the thug sheriff for a moment — there is a real issue here when children with disabilities in school become violent. My little cousin was victimized constantly by a little girl with disabilities who spat at her and punched her in the face in public …”