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25 Aug 2016

In States Like Tennessee, Private Prisons Will Survive Obama Administration

Madison Deal died at a CCA prison in Tennessee as news broke that the Justice Department would draw-down its agreements with private prison contractors.

Still from White House video of President Obama's visit to El Reno FCI. Source:
18 Aug 2016

Obama Administration Isn’t Planning To End Private Prison Contracts

In a memorandum sent to the Bureau of Prisons, the Department of Justice announced it would begin “reducing and ultimately ending” the use of private prisons.

Still image from CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley broadcast of riot at Willacy County Correctional Center. Source:
16 Aug 2016

Federal Government Turns A Blind Eye To Terrible Conditions In Private Prisons

The government bares a significant portion of the responsibility for the abusive environments nurtured at private prisons over the past few decades.

Scott Tanner, Juvenile Dentention Ombudsman, experiences the WRAP in the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center. (Photos obtained via FOIA, published by Ozarks First. Original:
11 Aug 2016

New Methods Of Restraining Inmates Have Deadly Outcomes

As governments continue to fail to provide assistance and treatment to those in need, newer restraint techniques have begun to take shape across the nation.

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10 Aug 2016

Survey Finds Crime Victims Overwhelmingly Favor Rehabilitation Over Punishment

A survey of US crime victims indicates they favor funding education, jobs, health care, and other services over incarceration by wide margins.

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06 Aug 2016

JPMorgan Chase To Repay Former Prisoners Forced To Use High-Fee Debit Cards

Chase’s exclusive contract was a “deceptive, fraudulent and illegal scheme” to exploit “one of the most vulnerable groups imaginable.”

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04 Aug 2016

Obama’s Historic Commutations Obscure Clemency Record

President Barack Obama has pardoned fewer federal prisoners than the past four presidents, including President Ronald Reagan.

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03 Aug 2016

Watchdog: New York Program For Disabled Inmates In Solitary Confinement Rife With Abuse

A new report by Disability Rights New York finds a rehabilitation program for prisoners in solitary confinement, who have disabilities, is marred by abuse.

Rania Khalek recaps day 2 of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
27 Jul 2016

Video: Rania Khalek Recaps Day 2 Of Democratic Convention

Kevin Gosztola speaks to Rania Khalek about the walkout staged by Bernie Sanders delegates after Hillary Clinton won the party’s presidential nomination.

Still from local 12 News broadcast report on the suicide of an Iraq War veteran at the Nassau County Correctional Center.
14 Jul 2016

Multiple Deaths Fuel New York’s Push To Ban Jail Medical Provider

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued Armor Correctional Health citing inadequate medical services, which has contributed to numerous deaths since 2011.