25 Aug 2016

WATCH: Mara Einstein Discusses Her Book, ‘Black Ops Advertising’

Mara Einstein discusses a fundamental shift in advertising—how it is getting harder to tell difference between content and ads.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. Photo by New America on Flickr.
25 Aug 2016

From Dana Milbank, Trite Objections To Jill Stein

It is not voters, who break with the two-party system in this election who are sanctimonious and out-of-touch. It is people like Milbank, who argue against voting your conscience.

Kazoo Studios of Mother And The Boards (Photo by Belén Gaul)
23 Aug 2016

Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Superfund’ by Mother And The Boards

Kazoo Studios, who grew up in the New York City suburbs, is the lead singer for the band, Mother & the Boards. She sent along this recently released protest song about our collective apathy toward the degradation and destruction of Planet Earth. In the song called “Superfund,” Studios sings about

Still image from CNN broadcast of Green Party town hall.
23 Aug 2016

CNN Broke The Corporate Media Mold For Elections With Green Party Town Hall

CNN determined it was in their self-interest to broadcast a Green Party Town Hall, giving millions of voters a rare opportunity to learn about Jill Stein.

US Penitentiary, Marion. Photo by Bureau of Prisons.
22 Aug 2016

Appeals Court: Prisoners Have ‘Liberty Interest’ In Not Being Put In Secretive Prison Units

A federal appeals court reinstated a case challenging the government’s use of secretive, experimental prison units known as communications management units.

A detainee receives new linens in the communal area of Camp Six at Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF Guantanamo photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Elisha Dawkins).
19 Aug 2016

After Guantanamo, Released Yemeni Prisoners Become Refugees

During the August 13 weekend, the Pentagon released 15 prisoners from the Guantánamo Bay military prison to the United Arab Emirates.

Folk musician and singer-songwriter Pete Kronowitt
17 Aug 2016

Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Got Guns?’ by Pete Kronowitt

Folk musician Pete Kronowitt irreverently sings about the NRA and gun culture, especially its effects on children. It’s off his new album, “A Lone Voice.”

Joseph Foster, community liaison for Freedom Square. Photo by Kevin Gosztola.
16 Aug 2016

Freedom Square Encampment Thrives In One Of Chicago’s Most Neglected Areas

The occupation of Freedom Square demands the city invest in black communities and defund violent police systems and incarceration.

Photo by Joint Task Force Guantanamo, Defense Department
15 Aug 2016

Teen Once Detained At Guantanamo May Not Sue For Torture, Appeals Court Rules

A federal appeals court upheld the dismissal of former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mohammed Jawad’s lawsuit seeking damages for torture.

Chelsea Manning supporters deliver over 115,000 signatures to the Secretary of the Army, demanding they drop administrative charges against her. Photo by Demand Progress.
10 Aug 2016

Chelsea Manning Supporters Demand Army End Punishment For Surviving Suicide Attempt

Supporters of US military whistleblower Chelsea Manning and one of her attorneys demanded the Army drop administrative charges brought against her.