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FBI Director James Comey. Photo by FBI.
29 Aug 2019

Former FBI Director James Comey Saved By America’s Two-Tiered Justice System Of Prosecuting Leaks

When former FBI director James Comey retained, mishandled, and disseminated certain memos from his meetings with President Donald Trump, he violated FBI and Justice Department policies, as well as the FBI employment agreement he signed, according to the department’s inspector general. However, the inspector general did not recommend prosecution for

Still image from "More Arriving" promotional video (source: Bandcamp)
29 Aug 2019

London-Based Musician Sarathy Korwar Celebrates South Asian Voices, Turns Racial Stereotypes On Their Head

Sarathy Korwar’s album, “More Arriving,” celebrates refugees and migrants who continue to flow into the UK and serves as a statement of brown pride.

27 Aug 2019

Bernie Sanders Makes Media Democracy An Issue For 2020 Primary Voters

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is the first to release a plan for addressing the collapse in journalism in the United States.

27 Aug 2019

Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Special Announcement’ By The Felice Brothers

The post originally appeared at Ongoing History Of Protest Songs. The Felice Brothers are a veteran folk-rock band, who throughout their career have sacrificed commercial success by sticking to their principles. They have turned down offers to work with big-name producers and resisted pressure to adopt a more mainstream sound.

22 Aug 2019

Biden Senior Adviser: Push For Climate Debate Takes DNC Into ‘Dangerous Territory’

Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to Joe Biden, described a grassroots push for a presidential climate debate sponsored by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as “dangerous territory in the middle of a Democratic primary process.” The remarks came during a meeting of the DNC Resolutions Committee, which defeated the resolution

Officers disrupt family outreach outside Holman prison in Alabama. Source: https://www.facebook.com/mona.song.505/videos/154318249087673/
21 Aug 2019

As Corruption Runs Rampant In Alabama Prisons, Officers Thwart Organizing Outside Holman Facility

Volunteers conducting outreach to family of Alabama prisoners were stopped by officers, who alleged trespassing at Holman prison.


Prison Protest

The Bullpen

23 Apr 2015

The Roundup for April 23rd, 2015

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”350″ height=”197″ align=”right” !} Phew, another long school week over. Just four weeks remain and then I’ll be back to frequent reporting. International Politics Overall – Russia and Argentina announced energy and investment deal together worth billions – Part one of two with Alnoor Ladha, executive director of

23 Apr 2015

TPP Fight Dividing Democratic Party

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”500″ height=”300″ align=”none” !} The fight over allowing President Obama to have fast-track authority to negotiate the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has divided the Democratic Party in Washington. The proposed agreement has long been at the center of concerns by various members of the Democratic coalition that are worried about

23 Apr 2015

CISPA Redux: New Cybersurveillance Bill Passes House

#CISA is not the only bill that will kill your online privacy. #PCNA and #NCPA will do the exact same. pic.twitter.com/6ZA3IpVaSg — Op Cyber Privacy (@OpCyberPrivacy) April 23, 2015 On Wednesday the House passed the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (PCNA) by a vote of 307-116. The PCNA is the new version of CISPA and

22 Apr 2015

The Roundup for April 22nd, 2015

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”350″ height=”197″ align=”right” !} It’s Earth Day! International Politics Overall – The U.S. is now making sure there are no blackouts in a major hub of the Taliban in Afghanistan – The U.S., meanwhile, accused Russia of creating more air defense systems in eastern Ukraine – While Pope

22 Apr 2015

#EarthDay: Mother Jones Validates Koch Industries Connected Outlet

*PROOF* that tonight's long-awaited, historic @reason — @motherjones — @FreeBeacon summit happened pic.twitter.com/mzaZZgvzKb — Asawin Suebsaeng (@swin24) May 21, 2013 Despite a longstanding criticism of the Koch Brothers for their largely successful attempts to thwart policies to deal with climate change, progressive magazine Mother Jones  validated a publication closely tied to

22 Apr 2015

Head Of DEA To Resign After Series Of Scandals

DEA Anti-Pot Crusader Michele Leonhart Is About to Resign http://t.co/tih13oiSOm pic.twitter.com/Axl4pqmNzA — VICE (@VICE) April 22, 2015 DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart has announced she will resign next month. Leonhart’s resignation comes after a series of scandals at the agency with most notable perhaps being the revelation that DEA agents were having sex



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