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04 Jun 2019

House Oversight Hearing On Facial Recognition Technology: FBI Still Can’t Vouch For Accuracy Of Systems

The FBI has a unit for facial recognition services that oversees a database with more than six hundred million photos. While the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommended that the FBI take steps to ensure the accuracy of how the agency uses facial recognition, the FBI has failed to implement such

04 Jun 2019

Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Fuck Yer Money’ By Javid Music Party

The post was originally published at Ongoing History Of Protest Music. When speaking out against injustices, sometimes the most appropriate response is to raise your voice and say, “fuck you.” Examples in protest music include Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing in the Name” (“Fuck you, I won’t do what you

Chelsea Manning. Photo by joltcan on Flickr.
31 May 2019

Chelsea Manning Owes Court $500—Then $1,000—For Every Day She Maintains Grand Jury Resistance

Chelsea Manning requested a hearing to challenge the harsh fines levied to force her to testify before the grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange is expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrested by British police. Screenshot of Ruptly coverage.
31 May 2019

UN Special Rapporteur On Torture: ‘The Collective Persecution Of Julian Assange Must End Here And Now’

In a blistering statement against democratic countries collaborating to prosecute and enable the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture condemned the “collective persecution” against him. “In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence, and political persecution, I have never seen a

29 May 2019

Unraveling The Justice Department’s Conspiracy Theory Against Julian Assange

Espionage Act charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed the Justice Department is relying on a theory of the case, which was concocted and partly tested during Chelsea Manning’s military trial. The theory adopts the CIA’s viewpoint, which is that WikiLeaks is a “non-state hostile intelligence service,” and suggests Assange

28 May 2019

Contracts Reveal For First Time How DEA Exercises Control Over Television, Film Productions

Nearly 200 pages of contracts from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) show reveal how agency exercises creative control over TV and film productions.


Prison Protest

07 Feb 2015

Conflict of Interest Brewing as Ohio Confronts Prison Overcrowding

Ohio’s prison system is facing a severe overcrowding crisis. With facilities hovering around 130% capacity, prison chief Gary Mohr considered declaring an overcrowding emergency for the first time in the state’s history. This would have granted early release to prisoners nearing the end of their sentences, but those plans were inexplicably scuttled less than a month

28 Jan 2015

Report: For-Profit Medical Provider Killed Mentally Ill Inmate in Solitary Confinement on Rikers Island

The New York State Commission on Correction released a new report this week, detailing the findings from its investigation into the horrific and preventable death of mentally ill black inmate, Bradley Ballard. Ballard was left in his cell for six days straight in September, 2013. Guards shut the water off to his cell for over four

23 Jan 2015

Emergency Early Release Taken Off The Table as Ohio Considers Options for Overcrowded Prisons

As prisoners, advocates and journalists warned of deteriorating conditions in Ohio’s prisons over the past year, the inmate population slowly crept back up to around 30% over capacity.

22 Jan 2015

New Rules For Solitary Confinement On Rikers Island Attempt To Fix What Must Be Replaced

Would New York City’s new rules for solitary confinement have saved the life of 19-year-old Andy Henriquez? Henriquez was brought to Rikers Island when he was only 16. Three years later, he was still awaiting trial when he was placed in isolation. Henriquez had complained of chest pains for seven months before being thrown in ‘the bing,’ but no


The Bullpen

01 May 2015

Report: American Psychological Association Secretly Worked With Bush Administration On Torture Program

Negative reactions on #pospsych listserv to report on @apa complicity in torture. Blame the whistleblowers pic.twitter.com/WDFyueKqf3 — James C.Coyne (@CoyneoftheRealm) May 1, 2015 A new report from progressive psychologists cites the American Psychological Association (APA) as secretly helping the George W. Bush Administration to continue its torture program often referred to officially

30 Apr 2015

The Roundup for April 30th, 2015

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”350″ height=”197″ align=”right” !} The end of April already? Wow, it seems just only a short time ago I began the spring semester. Baltimore Protests, Day 3 – An investigation found Freddie Gray suffered from a push into a bolt in the police van he was in –

30 Apr 2015

Former Christie Official and Ally Set To Plead Guilty For Role In Bridgegate

I've obtained this previously unreleased photo of David Wildstein with Chris and Mary Pat Christie, December 2011: pic.twitter.com/kenRu9iuM0 — Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) April 29, 2015 The first shoe is set to drop in the Bridgegate saga as former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official David Wildstein will reportedly

30 Apr 2015

Bernie Sanders Announces He Is Running For President In Democratic Primary

Independent US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has formally announced that he is running for president in the Democratic Party primary. The issues Sanders plans to run on should surprise no one – fixing an economic and political system rigged for and by plutocrats. Those are issues Senator Sanders has spent

29 Apr 2015

The Roundup for April 29th, 2015

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”350″ height=”263″ align=”right” !} Things seem gloomy for us so enjoy the song today! Baltimore Coverage, Day 2 – Across the U.S., folks are showing solidarity with those protesting in Baltimore – Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): Lack of the family structure caused the problems in Baltimore – Martin

29 Apr 2015

Clinton Foundation Took Money From Firms Lobbying Hillary Clinton State Department, Paying Bill Clinton

Clinton Foundation failed to disclose 1,100 foreign donations http://t.co/IevWCfzPVo pic.twitter.com/6YJtd2MsXa — Bloomberg Business (@business) April 29, 2015 Last Sunday the acting CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Maura Pally, posted a statement on the Clinton Foundation’s blog that the organization was “committed to transparency,” and was planning on refiling tax forms “for



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