Bernie Sanders delegate. Photo via disneyabc on Flickr.
12 Oct 2016

Official Who Developed Superdelegate System Offered Clinton Campaign Plan To Dupe Sanders Supporters

Clinton campaign email shows Mark Siegel offered a plan to dupe Sanders supporters into feeling like they “won” superdelegate “reform” at the DNC.

The Wikileaks Truck in front of the White House (Wikileaks Truck on Flickr)
10 Oct 2016

Leak Shows Clinton Supporting Wall Street, Open Borders, And Hemispheric Union

On Friday, Wikileaks began releasing leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta. One email in particular could be explosive.

Former President Bill Clinton speaks about the Affordable Care Act. Still from FOX broadcast.
05 Oct 2016

Bill Clinton Gaffe Highlights Failing Obamacare

Either the US adopts a single-payer healthcare system or it accepts a brutal classist system. There is no third way.

Hillary Clinton gives a speech to supporters after conceding to Bernie Sanders, Hooksett New Hampshire, USA (Ted Eytan on Flickr)
04 Oct 2016

The Problem With Progressives Defending What Clinton Said In Hacked Audio

While speaking to donors at a private fundraiser in February, Clinton derided the “false promise” of the Sanders campaign. Why defend that?

Composite image. Photo of Debbie Wasserman Schultz by Fortune Live Media on Flickr. Wikileaks logo by Wikileaks.
03 Aug 2016

DNCLeak: Three More Out At Democratic National Committee

The resignations appear to signal that further disclosures promised by Wikileaks could prove to be equally embarrassing for the DNC.

"Sanders delegates during John Podesta's speech [at the Democratic Convention]." Still from C-SPAN broadcast. By Michael Tracey / @mtracey on Twitter.
01 Aug 2016

DNC Achieved Unity Through Forced Conformity And Manufactured Consent

The corporate media’s adulatory coverage of the carefully choreographed pageantry at the Democratic convention couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hillary Clinton at the post-DNC rally in Philadelphia. Photo by neverbutterfly on Flickr.
01 Aug 2016

Sanders Convention Volunteer Shares How DNC Made Her Irrelevant And Invisible

Personnel overseeing the Democratic Convention revoked access for over 800 Sanders volunteers and basically told them to go enjoy Philadelphia.

31 Jul 2016

The DNC, ‘Lesser Evilism’ And Defying the Democratic Party Establishment

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was an extravagant spectacle of manufacturing consent to create the perception there is now unity around Hillary Clinton. In particular, protesting Bernie Sanders delegates were suppressed with actions intended to enforce conformity and silence. There were whips marching up and down the aisles to

Protesters marched from City Hall to the Wells Fargo Center where Hillary Clinton was nominated as the Democratic Presidential candidate. Photo by susanmelkisethian on Flickr.
29 Jul 2016

Media Collusion Revealed In DNC Leak Shows Why Change Must Come From Outside The Party

A new movement cannot be beholden to those who continue to thwart necessary efforts for change in our lifetimes.

The 2016 Democratic National Convention was so stage-managed that signs handed out for former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's speech matched the color of his tie.
28 Jul 2016

Democratic Convention Targets Delegates Holding Signs Which Stray From Party Line

Democratic Party personnel at the national convention are ejecting any Bernie Sanders delegates, who hold up signs not officially produced by the party.