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Understanding The Abundance Of Bad Faith Arguments Against Bernie Sanders

About six months into an excruciatingly long Democratic presidential primary, there are several bad faith arguments about Senator Bernie Sanders and his 2020 presidential campaign that are frequently promoted in the news media.

These arguments range from vapid expressions of disgust to more calculated articulations of prejudice. Each argument degrades the conversation around the Sanders campaign, overshadowing its welcome contribution to politics as well as several good faith arguments against the campaign that are worth engaging.

Some of the arguments existed during the 2016 presidential election, when Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton.

One may notice the individuals who push bad faith arguments have ties back to the Clinton campaign. They may have even been involved in pushing these same arguments in 2016.

Several voices given platforms by the establishment news media are invited to define Sanders for media consumers, and yet, they do not speak about his campaign with a forthrightness that is high-minded. They have their own ulterior motives or special interests to guard when commenting.

It is clear there is a faction with the Democratic Party establishment that finds Sanders to be impure. They do not forgive him for challenging Clinton for the nomination when it was supposedly her turn to be president. They intend to add their voice to suppressing his campaign or creating the perception that it is floundering so they may preserve their influence and power.

Ahead CNN’s 2020 Democratic presidential debate, Shadowproof managing editor Kevin Gosztola outlines an exhaustive list of bad faith arguments against Sanders along with appropriate rebuttals to those arguments.

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