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US Penitentiary, Marion. Photo by Bureau of Prisons.
22 Aug 2016

Appeals Court: Prisoners Have ‘Liberty Interest’ In Not Being Put In Secretive Prison Units

A federal appeals court reinstated a case challenging the government’s use of secretive, experimental prison units known as communications management units.

A detainee receives new linens in the communal area of Camp Six at Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF Guantanamo photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Elisha Dawkins).
19 Aug 2016

After Guantanamo, Released Yemeni Prisoners Become Refugees

During the August 13 weekend, the Pentagon released 15 prisoners from the Guantánamo Bay military prison to the United Arab Emirates.

Folk musician and singer-songwriter Pete Kronowitt
17 Aug 2016

Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Got Guns?’ by Pete Kronowitt

Folk musician Pete Kronowitt irreverently sings about the NRA and gun culture, especially its effects on children. It’s off his new album, “A Lone Voice.”

Joseph Foster, community liaison for Freedom Square. Photo by Kevin Gosztola.
16 Aug 2016

Freedom Square Encampment Thrives In One Of Chicago’s Most Neglected Areas

The occupation of Freedom Square demands the city invest in black communities and defund violent police systems and incarceration.


The Bullpen

Secretary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Participate in the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Photo by US Department of State on Flickr.
10 Aug 2016

New Emails Show Scheme Between Clinton Foundation And State Department

Emails revealed during a FOIA lawsuit show a corrupt relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton-led US State Department.

Hillary 5 "short-circuits" in response to questions about FBI investigation into her emails.
08 Aug 2016

Hillary Clinton Tries Again On Email Lie, Says She ‘Short-Circuited’

Hillary Clinton claims FBI Director James Comey said he had no evidence she lied, and that somehow means he is saying she was truthful about her email use.

"Jabhat al Nusra uses the Shahada on black background as its logo" — Tom Spender (@tomspend) on Twitter.
04 Aug 2016

Al Qaeda In Syria Rebrands

In an interview with CNN, the spokesman for Al-Nusra/Al-Sham said the “new” group will continue to focus solely on Syria and has no plans to attack the US.


Sharp Edges

Lighting of the Rio Olympic Games cauldron. Photo by US Army on Flickr.
09 Aug 2016

Delete Your Account – Episode 11: Debt, Displacement And Militarization At The Olympics

On this episode, Roqayah and Kumars are joined by author Dave Zirin and activists Robin Jacks and Jonathan Cohn to examine the Rio Olympics’ impact on Brazil.

The former US embassy in Tehran. Photo by Örlygur Hnefill on Flickr.
08 Aug 2016

Bigotry Against Muslims In 2016 Election Rooted In American History

Historically, animus against Muslims in the U.S. has existed since they first lived in the United the country.

Cercle Obert de Benicalap con Hugo Chávez y la Revolución Bolivariana. Photo by antoniomarinsegovia on Flickr.
02 Aug 2016

Delete Your Account – Episode 10: We Created Chavez

On this episode, author George Ciccariello-Maher discusses the rise of Hugo Chavez, and recent setbacks for the Bolivarian revolution following his death.

Protesters marched from City Hall to the Wells Fargo Center where Hillary Clinton was nominated as the Democratic Presidential candidate. Photo by susanmelkisethian on Flickr.
29 Jul 2016

Media Collusion Revealed In DNC Leak Shows Why Change Must Come From Outside The Party

A new movement cannot be beholden to those who continue to thwart necessary efforts for change in our lifetimes.


The Next Cold War

LEFT: Turkish police officer protects pro-coup soldier from crowds. (Source: RIGHT: Fethullah Gulen. (Source: Wikipedia).
18 Aug 2016

Turkey Asks Again For US To Extradite Fethullah Gulen

Given how valuable Turkey is to US interests in the Middle East and how much of a priority Erdogan is making this extradition, one wonders if Gulen will be in PA for long.

Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers flying a mission from Iranian Hamedan air base. August, 2016 (by Russian Ministry of Defense, CCv4.0)
17 Aug 2016

Controversial Russian Bombing Missions From Iran; Chinese Aid For Syrian Military

Russian strategic bombers arrived at an Iranian air base this week and began flying airstrike missions in Syria from the base, and more in our global news round-up.

"13 yo Mohamed, IDP from #Saada, broke his leg walking thru a field of #Cluster submunition in #Safra #YemenCrisis" — Photos via Rasha Mohamed (@RashaMoh2) on Twitter. Original:
15 Aug 2016

US Defense Firms Profit By Saudi Arabia’s Slaughter Of Yemen

While the US defense industry gains billions selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, thousands of innocent civilians in Yemen lose their lives.


Prison Protest

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Photo by bitzcelt on Flickr.
10 Aug 2016

Survey Finds Crime Victims Overwhelmingly Favor Rehabilitation Over Punishment

A survey of US crime victims indicates they favor funding education, jobs, health care, and other services over incarceration by wide margins.

Chase Bank. Photo by thomashawk on Flickr.
06 Aug 2016

JPMorgan Chase To Repay Former Prisoners Forced To Use High-Fee Debit Cards

Chase’s exclusive contract was a “deceptive, fraudulent and illegal scheme” to exploit “one of the most vulnerable groups imaginable.”

Photo from The White House
04 Aug 2016

Obama’s Historic Commutations Obscure Clemency Record

President Barack Obama has pardoned fewer federal prisoners than the past four presidents, including President Ronald Reagan.

Photo by
03 Aug 2016

Watchdog: New York Program For Disabled Inmates In Solitary Confinement Rife With Abuse

A new report by Disability Rights New York finds a rehabilitation program for prisoners in solitary confinement, who have disabilities, is marred by abuse.


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