21 Apr 2016

LIVE: Journalist Ray Bonner Discusses US Interventions In El Salvador

Kevin Gosztola and journalist Raymond Bonner discuss his book Weakness and Deceit, chronicling Reagan’s disastrous intervention in El Salvador.

30 Mar 2016

Shadowproof Invites Readers To Submit ‘Letters To The Editor’

Shadowproof recently conducted a survey of readers and asked if people would like to see the launch of a “Letters to the Editor” section to help make Shadowproof a more vibrant community. Overwhelmingly, readers wanted to see the creation of such a column. For well over a century, press organizations

Feedback (Photo by Dennis Skley on Flickr)
23 Mar 2016

Shadowproof Editors Respond To Reader Survey

We put together our first survey since our media organization launched last August, and we are very grateful for the feedback we received.

Survey Party by pollyann on Flickr
21 Mar 2016

Got A Second? Take Shadowproof’s Reader Survey

As we plan our next reporting projects and events, and look for ways to improve Shadowproof, we ask that you share your feedback with us.

From A Very Heavy Agenda, Directed by Robbie Martin. (http://averyheavyagenda.blogspot.com/)
15 Mar 2016

LISTEN: Filmmaker Robbie Martin Discusses Rise Of Neocon Movement After 9/11

On February 18, Daniel Wright talked with filmmaker Robbie Martin about his documentary series, “A Very Heavy Agenda” during a live Shadowproof Event.

15 Mar 2016

Preview: Joseph Hickman On Burn Pits Poisoning Soldiers And Civilians In Iraq And Afghanistan

Shadowproof will host a discussion with author Joseph Hickman about his book, “The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers,” on March 17 at 8 pm ET.

From the Bernie Sanders march and Rally in Pittsburgh on February 27, 2016. (Mark Dixon on Flickr)
09 Mar 2016

Countering The Establishment Media Narrative During The 2016 Election

Our reporting is intended to amplify the grassroots against the power of the corporate state, but we cannot continue without your support.

Image from the cover of Doug Henwood's "My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets The Presidency"
08 Mar 2016

Upcoming Event: Doug Henwood On Hillary Clinton’s Rise To Power

Shadowproof will be hosting a discussion with author Doug Henwood about his book, “My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency,” on March 10 at 8 pm ET.

07 Mar 2016

Comedy Sketch: ‘Bernie Bros On Campus’

Over the past months, I have taken a stab at sketch writing. My attempts at sketch writing mostly stem from the fact that I am enrolled in improvisation classes at the iO Theater in Chicago, and I performed in two sketch shows in the Chicago Sketchfest in January. I am

01 Mar 2016

LISTEN: Project Censored Discusses Biggest News Fails Of The Last Two Years

On February 9, Kevin Gosztola talked with Project Censored’s Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth about their latest work, “Censored 2016”