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Dissenter Weekly: Chelsea Manning Urges Judge To Free Her (Again)—Plus, What To Expect At Upcoming Assange Hearing

On this edition of the “Dissenter Weekly,” we depart from our normal routine and focus solely on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s upcoming extradition hearing, as well as a recent motion to free United States Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, which was filed by her legal team.

As United States Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning yet again affirmed she will not testify before a federal grand jury empaneled against WikiLeaks, her legal team outlined how she will not be coerced by confinement or financial sanctions, and what the federal judge is allowing the government to do is profoundly cruel.

Assange’s legal team informed the judge presiding over Assange’s extradition case that President Donald Trump allegedly offered a pardon through an intermediary. The media establishment wildly misreported what the legal team said so Gosztola clarifies what was really asserted.

Later in the episode, Gosztola offers an overview ahead of next week’s extradition hearing. The first couple days will focus on opening arguments and then shift to the issue of whether the U.S.-U.K. extradition treaty covers Assange. There will be much deliberation over “political offenses” and so Gosztola looks back at the reasons why Ecuador granted Assange asylum.

Gosztola will be in London to cover a week-long extradition hearing for Assange. The case the United States has brought against him threatens global press freedom.

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“Dissenter Weekly” airs every Thursday at 4pm ET on YouTube and Facebook, and covers whistleblower and press freedom news from that week.

This week’s stories:

Accused Leaker Of ‘Vault 7’ Materials Moves For Mistrial 

The Hardships Chelsea Manning Has Endured Are Unlike Any Other Case Of Grand Jury Resistance

Assange Lawyer Tells Court They Were Offered A Pardon From Trump

When Ecuador Granted Asylum Because He Was Accused Of ‘Political Offenses’

In Rejecting DNC Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks, Judge Strongly Defended First Amendment Rights Of Journalists 


Chelsea Manning has been in jail for 343 days. She owes $234,000 in fines.

Julian Assange has been in jail for 316 days, since he was expelled from the Ecuador embassy in London. 


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Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."