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A Potential Turning Point In Trump’s First Leak Prosecution

President Donald Trump’s administration is aggressively prosecuting NSA contractor Reality Winner for allegedly releasing a top secret report on Russian interference in the 2016 Election.

When FBI agents interrogated her, Winner made statements that were severely incriminating and could prolong her sentence if she is found guilty. But her defense filed a motion to suppress those statements, arguing the FBI did not inform her of her rights.

This motion could be a turning point in Winner’s case and a hearing will take place in Augusta, Georgia, on February 27. We’re sending Kevin Gosztola to cover it.

Can you please donate $20 or more to send Kevin to cover this important hearing for Reality Winner’s case at the end of the month?

We believe it is important to have a trustworthy journalist with experience covering leak prosecutions and whistleblower cases at this hearing.

Kevin is well-known for his dedicated and in-depth coverage of Chelsea Manning’s court-martial at Fort Meade. We know his coverage of Winner’s hearing will likely be indispensable.

To cover Kevin’s coverage of this hearing, we need (approximately):

$200 for airfare
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$150 for two nights at a local hotel
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We’re aiming to raise at least $500 to fund this reporting, and any extra money we raise will cover his travel and reporting expenses when her trial begins later this year.

Please donate toward our $500 goal to cover expenses for Kevin Gosztola’s upcoming reporting on Reality Winner’s case.

Thanks in advance for supporting this important independent journalism.

Read Kevin Gosztola’s coverage of Reality Winner’s case.

Brian Nam-Sonenstein

Brian Nam-Sonenstein

Publishing Editor at Shadowproof and columnist at Prison Protest.