Latest Chelsea Manning Coverage

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is being threatened with indefinite solitary confinement (via Chelsea Manning Support Network)
14 Nov 2015

‘Any Alleged Discrimination Is Justified’: Justice Department Opposes Chelsea Manning Growing Her Hair

The Justice Department moved to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Chelsea Manning against United States Army personnel for prohibiting her from growing her hair.

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Chelsea Manning's prison mugshot from week she began hormone therapy (via Chelsea Manning Support Network)
10 Nov 2015

Letter From Leavenworth: Chelsea Manning Discusses ‘Personal And Emotionally Tough Letters’ From Trans People

In a second letter from Chelsea Manning, she reflects on being put on 21-day recreation restriction and what it is like to read letters from trans people.

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Elevate Festival in Graz, Austria. Chelsea Manning tweets projected. (Photo by murdelta)
09 Nov 2015

Protest Song of the Week: ‘s​/​as boy​/​as a boy’ by Ted Hearne

In the past week Representative Peter King and “60 Minutes” have compared U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning to Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter who killed twelve people, and presented Manning as a disloyal American. This makes Ted Hearne’s composition inspired by Chelsea Manning exceptionally relevant to the moment.

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