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Protest Song of the Week: ‘Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist’

The new year has started with white militants taking over a national wildlife refuge headquarters in Oregon to show they are “patriots.” The white militants have arms and claim they have been oppressed by the United States government, which has taken land that should remain under local control.

Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi released a song in 1996, which should be blasted at the cast of characters who are occupying the wildlife refuge headquarters. It’s called “The Only Good Fascist Is a Dead Fascist.”

The song is only about one minute in length, and it is a provocative howl against white supremacy and the American population’s ignorance of the white power structure.

The band lists off symbols and characteristics of white power culture, like swastikas and Klan robes. There is a cheeky lyric about loving a man in uniform, and then the question of historical accomplishments by the race of white people in this country is posed. What makes them so proud to be white?

Is it capitalism? Is it slavery? Is it genocide? How about sitcoms? How about guns? Or what about war? Maybe pollution and addiction? Could it be NAFTA? Perhaps, the Thigh-Master makes white people proud?

“This is your fucking white history, my ‘friend,'” Propagandhi declares.

Propagandhi names what they believe is the real enemy the people should be fighting. The band concludes the song with the following salvo:

“This one’s for the “Master Race”: my brown power ass in your white power face! Kill them all and let a Norse God sort ‘em out!”

Okay, so the vast majority appear to ideologically be Christians and do not pray to any Norse God. That aside, the U.S. government has not oppressed these white militants, who took over the headquarters. What most of these people desire to varying degrees is a society rooted in the ideas and culture of white power.

Listen to the Propagandhi’s “The Only Good Fascist Is a Dead Fascist.”


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Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."