Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase (Steve Jurvetson on Flickr)
18 Nov 2015

JPMorgan Facing Criminal Probe For Pre-Crash Mortgage Securities Fraud

On Tuesday, WSJ reported JPMorgan and RBS are facing criminal probes for selling fraudulent mortgage-backed securities that led to the 08 crash.

File: The New York Stock Exchange trading floor during the May 15, 2014 IPO of Zendesk. (Flickr / Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)
17 Nov 2015

Report: Corporate America’s Higher Earnings Due To Stock Buyback Scams

Corporate America is cannibalizing the economy through stock buybacks, allowing the 1% to pocket more corporate earnings than ever before.

Hillary Clinton responds to Bernie Sanders question about her Wall Street donors during the Democratic debate on Saturday. (Screenshot)
16 Nov 2015

Hillary Clinton Defends Wall Street Patronage With 9/11, McFeminism

If you thought it was inappropriate of Hillary Clinton to invoke 9/11 to respond to allegations of campaign finance corruption, you’re not alone.

Jesus casting out the money changers at the Temple (Lecen on Wikimedia)
13 Nov 2015

American Consumers $11.85 Trillion In Debt, Corporate Sector Re-Leveraging

According to an analysis by personal finance information company NerdWallet, American consumers owe a total of $11.85 trillion in debt.

"Denied," an advertisement which aired during the Republican presidential debate, presents a bizarre vision of an Orwellian CFPB agency. (Screenshot)
11 Nov 2015

Wall Street Group Goes On Ad Blitz Against CFPB

Viewers of last night’s Republican presidential debate were treated to quite a spectacle. Not only did they get to see a presidential debate, but multiple times during the commercial breaks a 30-second ad called “Denied,” by the 501(c)(4) group American Action Network, played and presented an Orwellian vision of the

The exterior of AIG headquarters in New York City. (Wikimedia Commons / AIG Corporate)
03 Nov 2015

Too Big To Fail AIG Refuses To Break Up

AIG executives are refusing to consider a plan created by shareholder activist Carl Icahn to break up the massive “Too Big To Fail” corporation.

Wall Street and the Supreme Court (Composit image via Dave Center and OZinOH on Flickr)
02 Nov 2015

Corporate Coup: Arbitration Clauses Deny Justice To Consumers

Consumers have been effectively prevented from seeking justice through class action lawsuits in many instances thanks to arbitration clauses in contracts.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at an IBEW union gathering in Massachusetts in this March 21, 2012 photograph. (Flickr / Edward Kimmel)
29 Oct 2015

Investigation By Elizabeth Warren Reveals Life Insurance Kickback Scheme

Elizabeth Warren revealed a massive life insurance kickback scheme where agents encourage customers to buy substandard coverage in return for personal gain.

Revolving Door (Susan Sermoneta on Flickr)
27 Oct 2015

Whistleblower Validated in Goldman Sachs-New York Fed Corruption Case

A former Goldman Sachs employee and a former NY Fed employee will plead guilty to criminal charges related to leaking documents from the Fed to Goldman.

File: San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge seen through a thick fog. (Wikimedia Commons / Brocken Inaglory)
22 Oct 2015

SEC Facing Criticism For Proposed Rules That Reduce Transparency

The SEC’s proposal would make it harder to bring charges of securities fraud by giving Wall Street companies more room to withhold vital information.