Protest against the Wall Street bail out: Wall Street, NYC - September 25, 2008. Photo by a. golden, eyewash design
13 Apr 2016

Too Big To Fail Banks Still Failing ‘Living Will’ Tests

Federal regulators have now rejected living wills from JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Bank of New York Mellon, and State Street.

Paul Krugman and Charlie Stross (Photo by Cory Doctorow on Flickr)
08 Apr 2016

Paul Krugman Doesn’t Understand The 2008 Financial Crisis

That an economist could be so misinformed (if not disingenuous) on such a vital economic issue is extremely disappointing.

Photo By CartoonDiablo own work, released under Public Domain. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
06 Apr 2016

Was Corporate Media Too Dumb To Understand Sanders Bank Breakup Plan?

The usual suspects in infotainment claim Sanders somehow blew an interview with The New York Daily News and does not understand how to breakup the banks.

Cover By The Economist [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
28 Mar 2016

Establishment Slowly Conceding US Capitalism Is Broken

In perhaps the most embarrassing defection from neoliberalism yet, The Economist has admitted US capitalism is in desperate need of government intervention.

27 Mar 2016

Report: 74% Of Billionaire Wealth From Rent-Seeking

A new report offers a breathtaking estimate of how the rich have gotten richer: 74% of billionaire wealth was gained through socially useless activity.

Cover of TIME Magazine, Feb. 1998. Federal Reserve Board chmn. Alan Greenspan (C) flanked by Treasury Secy. Robert Robin & Deputy Treasury Secy. Lawrence Summers.
18 Mar 2016

Financial Crisis Commission Referred Robert Rubin Case To Justice Department

During his time in government, Rubin pushed to deregulate the financial services industry, which would later help him make millions working for Citigroup.

11 Mar 2016

Wall Street Bonus Pool Is Double Combined Earnings Of Minimum Wage Workers

A new report calculates the Wall Street bonus pool doubles the combined annual earnings of all full-time minimum wage workers in America.

The facade of Citigroup's London offices photographed at dusk on August 12, 2015. (Flickr / Håkan Dahlström)
29 Feb 2016

Citigroup Fined Again For Fraudulent Credit Card Practices

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered the Too Big to Fail bank to pay $8 million for fraudulent sales of credit card debt.

Left: Hillary Clinton speaks with Chris Cuomo on CNN. Right: Wall Street sign (terrapin_flyer on Flickr)
24 Feb 2016

Hillary Clinton Changes Position Again On Wall Street Transcripts

Another day, another position from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on why she will not release transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.

Wall Street and the Supreme Court (Composit image via Dave Center and OZinOH on Flickr)
22 Feb 2016

Wall Street Makes Another Push To Stay Too Big To Fail

Wall Street lobbyists are back on the warpath, and the new battle is over regulators’ plans to end the Too Big To Fail dynamic.