Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Gage Skidmore)
02 Apr 2016

Clinton Believes She’s Special Kind Of Politician Who Can’t Be Influenced By Money

If one listens to the remarks of Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff, and any spokesperson from the network of super PACs helping her challenge Bernie Sanders, it becomes clear they believe Clinton is a rare and special breed of politician. They think she is someone who cannot, has never been, and

Hillary Clinton confronts Green Peace activist after being questioned about her connections to the oil industry.
01 Apr 2016

Hillary Clinton Lies About Being Lied About On Fossil Fuel Connections

Clinton lashed out at a Greenpeace organizer, saying “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me.”

File: Pollution billows from the smoke stack of an Ontario paper mill in this January 28, 2009 photograph. (Flickr / Billy Wilson)
09 Dec 2015

Greenpeace Sting Shows Academics Selling Themselves To Polluters

An undercover investigation by Greenpeace revealed that US scientists would write research papers for polluters and carbon emitters in exchange for money.