Abdul El-Sayed, candidate for governor of Michigan. Source: https://abdulformichigan.com
19 Apr 2017

American Muslims See Campaigns For Office As Way To Fight Prejudice

American Muslims are increasingly running for political office to challenge institutional prejudice and discrimination in the United States.

Afghan National Army, 2014. (by DoD)
02 Sep 2016

900 Afghan Forces Killed in July. Putin Talks About Deal With US.

Next Cold War Roundup 9/2/16 Russian President Vladimir Putin said there may be a deal with the US on Syria in the near future and a Russian official said the deal must be reached while President Barack Obama is in office. Putin also confirmed that Russia and Turkey are aligning their

US Electoral College Map (US Consulate - Barcelona on Flickr)
31 Oct 2012

The Top Seven Ways the Electoral College is Unfair, Stupid and Dangerous

If I were asked to come up with a more idiotic, unfair, and potentially crisis-inducing way to select a president, it would be a struggle for me.