Activists rallied in front of the Supreme Court on January 11, 2013. Some wore orange prisoner jumpsuits with hoods and two hold a banner that reads "Obama Close GTMO." (Flickr / Stephen Melkisethian)
17 Sep 2015

Lawyer For Guantanamo Inmates Describes Prisoners’ Dreams Of Family, Fresh Air

Omar Shakir, an attorney for the Center for Constitutional Rights who has worked on Guantanamo Bay prisoners’ cases, made his first trip to the military prison this month. He shared what struck him most about going to Guantanamo to meet with two prisoners, Ghaleb al-Bihani and Zaher Hamdoun. Shakir described how the men’s faces lit up as they talked about things most humans take for granted, like fresh air, travel, family, and friends.

File: A jar of insulin and two syringes. (Flickr / Sriram Bala)
19 Aug 2015

Black Diabetic Dies After Missouri Jail Withholds Insulin

Raw Story: “At the time of his death, [Michael] Robinson’s blood sugar level had skyrocketed to 2,500. The normal range, depending on when a person has eaten, is between 80 and 180, according to the American Diabetes Association.”

A standard pin-prick style electronic blood glucose test used by diabetes sufferers, with a hand showing a droplet of blood from the test, photographed on November 15, 2013.   A shadowproof reader recounts his struggle to advocate for prisoners with diabetes in this reader response. (Flickr / Victor)
11 Aug 2015

Battling The Criminal Justice System For Diabetes Healthcare (Reader Response)

Reader Phillip Baker responds to Gaming the System by sharing his experiences as a prisoner healthcare advocate who spent years trying to get adequate healthcare for prisoners with Type 1 diabetes. To his dismay, prison healthcare officials seem to care little for the well-being of their inmates.