Clinton campaign operative David Brock has close ties to partisan outlets, Blue Nation Review and Think Progress.
27 Jun 2016

Partisan Media Is Worthless

Social movements, not the work of political parties, are the key to forcing the powerful to make concessions.

Photo by wumpiewoo on Flickr
25 Jun 2016

The Democratic Party Can Never Be Vehicle For Administering Change

Movements now allied with the Sanders campaign—if they choose to remain confined to the Democratic Party—will continue to face damaging results.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Photo by Diana Robinson on Flickr.
22 Jun 2016

New York Democrats Anoint Cuomo As Chair As Clinton Delegate Strikes Sanders Delegate With Cane

Democratic Party leaders effectively ensured no motions were brought to a vote and that Governor Cuomo was anointed the chair through an unfair process.

The People's Summit. Photo by Kevin Gosztola.
22 Jun 2016

People’s Summit Missed Opportunity To Match Strong Movement Politics With Bold Electoral Politics

The People’s Summit largely avoided discussing the US two-party political system and how those who made the Sanders campaign a success should confront it.

Bernie Sanders rally. Photo by JimsFlickr on Flickr
09 Jun 2016

The ‘Political Revolution’ Has Opportunity To Wield Power—With Or Without Sanders

There will be differences of opinion among Sanders supporters, however, there are some actions, which the political climate calls for.

Laurie Dobson, a candidate for state representative in Maine and a delegate for Sanders from York County.
09 Jun 2016

Sanders Delegates Recount Struggles With Democratic Party In Maine

The party “didn’t want to change their policies to accommodate an upstart that was doing better than he should have.”

08 Jun 2016

Sanders Encourages Struggle Against Establishment Politics To Continue

“The struggle continues,” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders declared in a speech, which capped off his statewide campaign in California. He described the struggle broadly as one for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice. Sanders also noted he has overwhelmingly won young people in the majority of the United States.

07 Jun 2016

Establishment Media Commit Massive Act of Malpractice And Claim Clinton ‘Clinched’

The Associated Press and NBC News inappropriately reported Hillary Clinton made history and “clinched” the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. It spurred other media organizations, such as CNN and the New York Times, to follow suit and splash their home pages with big headlines indicating Clinton was the nominee. In engaging

Senator Barbara Boxer appears on CNN. (Still from
19 May 2016

Establishment Collectively Stunned To See Citizens Reject Rigged Democratic Primary

Sanders supporters understand very well how the process works and what kind of candidate is supposed to make it to the end.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at Netroots Nation 2011 (Marta Evry on Flickr)
18 May 2016

Is The Democratic Party Establishment Openly Opposing Sanders Now?

Such open shade-throwing is unlikely to endear many Sanders supporters to a party that will need them in November and beyond.