31 Oct 2016

Armed Dakota Access Contractor Accused Of Trying To Infiltrate Water Protectors

An armed Dakota Access security contractor confronted indigenous water protectors fighting the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota. He had an assault rifle, which he pointed at the water protectors, and he wore a bandana over his face. He was arrested by the Bureau of Indian Affairs police

18 Oct 2016

Journalist Facing Felony Charges For Filming Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Speaks Out

Deia Schlosberg, a climate journalist and filmmaker, faces 45 years in prison for covering a major demonstration against the Dakota Access pipeline.

12 Sep 2016

Struggle To Kill Dakota Access Pipeline Reinvigorated By Obama Intervention

While viewed as a small victory, U.S. government intervention emboldens indigenous resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

24 Aug 2016

For Great Sioux Nation, Dakota Access Pipeline Is “A Disaster Waiting To Happen”

The Dakota Access Pipeline will not only impact the environment but also lead to an influx of out-of-state workers and increase crime, drug use, and sex trafficking.