Pigs in gestation crates. Photo by Farm Sanctuary.
10 Jan 2019

Iowa ‘Ag-Gag’ Law Aimed At Suppressing Journalism Against Agribusiness Is Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal court in Iowa ruled the state’s corporate-backed “ag-gag” law, which targets journalists and activists, is unconstitutional.

Photo by Will Luo on Flickr.
06 Sep 2017

No End In Sight For Big Agriculture’s Push To Criminalize Activists And Whistleblowers

Agribusiness and their lobbyists continue to convince legislatures to pass bills criminalizing whistleblowers, who expose animal cruelty or malfeasance.

Kevin Johnson (left) and Tyler Lang (right). Photo from Support Kevin and Tyler
10 May 2016

Activists Convicted Of Terrorism Renew Challenge To Animal Enterprise Law

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act protects corporations when abuses are exposed, and empowers the state to lock away activists who disrupt their business.