U.S. Army soldiers stationed under U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) interact with roleplayers during a training exercise with West African military forces on June 24, 2014. (Flickr / U.S. Army / Sgt. William Gore)
12 Dec 2015

AFRICOM’s Secret Empire: US Military Turns Africa Into ‘Laboratory’ Of Modern Warfare

The US already plans to expand its massive military footprint in Africa & elsewhere to the tune of “several million dollars” a year and thousands of troops.

U.S. Army soldiers form a security perimeter in the deserts of Djibouti on August 30, 2011. (Flickr / U.S. Army / Specialist Michelle C. Lawrence)
10 Dec 2015

US Planning New Military Bases In Middle East, Asia, And Africa

After sowing chaos for a decade, the Obama administration is expanding the military’s imperial footprint throughout Africa, Asia & more of the Middle East.

American marines simulate a riot during training with military forces from Burkina Faso, who are holding riot shields, at a training offered to multiple West African countries on July 12, 2012. Under the guise of training exercises, American military involvement has greatly expanded under the Obama administration. (Flickr / US Marine Corps / Sgt. Tatum Vayavananda)
14 Sep 2015

Is The US Involved In 134 Acts Of War Or 0?

The United States could be fighting in dozens of conflicts around the world or none at all, depending on how one defines “war” or “conflict.” And despite repeated failures of U.S. military intervention to create global stability, American troops continue to be sent into more nations and more battles, usually without congressional approval.