20 Oct 2016

Clinton Campaign Makes Wildly Inconsistent Claims About Emails Published By WikiLeaks

Multiple spokespeople insist WikiLeaks published doctored emails but no one from the Clinton campaign has named an example of a forgery.

10 Mar 2016

At Miami Debate, Clinton Campaign Builds On Pattern Of Dishonesty

Clinton has been plagued by the perception that she is dishonest all throughout the 2016 presidential election, and her campaign isn’t helping.

09 Feb 2015

Working Families Party Votes To Urge Elizabeth Warren To Run For President

The Working Families Party of New York voted to encourage Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the 2016 race for president.

13 Nov 2013

Is 2016 Elizabeth Warren’s Year To Run For President?

This week has seen a flurry of stories on Senator Elizabeth Warren as a possible presidential candidate in the 2016 campaign.