08 Mar 2016

Kartemquin Films 50: ‘Now We Live On Clifton’

In this 1974 film, Kartemquin filmmakers present a portrait of Pam and Scott Taylor, their family, their friends, and their Lincoln Park neighborhood. It is another entry in a catalog of films from the collaborative group, which document transformations in the city of Chicago over the past decades. Lincoln Park

02 Mar 2016

Kartemquin Films 50: ‘Winnie Wright, Age 11’

A number of films from Kartemquin go into working or lower class neighborhoods and humanize the people living in those neighborhoods. “Winnie Wright, Age 11” is a short film about a working class family living in Gage Park, Chicago. The neighborhood’s population is shifting from white to black. Winnie’s mother is

24 Feb 2016

Kartemquin Films 50: ‘Viva La Causa’

This short film is about ten minutes long, and it captures some of the early rise of the mural movement in Chicago’s Pilsen community in the mid-1970s. For those not from Chicago, Pilsen is well-known for its Hispanic population. It did not have a prevalent Latino population until the University

15 Feb 2016

Kartemquin Films 50: ‘Trick Bag’

Kartemquin Films continues to celebrate its 50th Anniversary with this short film on racism among working class Chicagoans in the 1970s.

08 Feb 2016

Kartemquin Films 50: ‘Marco’

In 1969, it was against the law in Chicago for fathers to be in the delivery room with mothers during childbirth. Natural childbirth was also taboo. Kartemquin Films co-founder Jerry Temaner, his wife, Barbara, and Kartemquin cameraman and co-founder Gordon Quinn created a documentary, “Marco,” that captured a beautiful experience

30 Jan 2016

Kartemquin Films 50: ‘What The Fuck Are These Red Squares?’ and ‘Anonymous Artists of America’

A student wearing a cape and a hood somewhat casually paints, “What the Fuck are these Red Squares?” in broad daylight. A man walking by says aloud, “I got to call a cop on you. That’s beautiful.” In the next shot, it is clear the words were painted on the brick

24 Jan 2016

Kartemquin Films 50: ‘Hum 255’

At the University of Chicago, during the winter quarter of 1968-1969, students protest the firing of Professor Marlene Dixon and occupy an administration building. They sing “We Shall Not Be Moved” and appear on film describing how they view student power. A number of the students see their action as