Korean women and children searching the rubble of Seoul for something usable and burnable. November 1st, 1950. Photo via USAG- Humphreys on Flickr.
22 Feb 2018

Read Long-Suppressed Official Report On US Biological Warfare In North Korea

Read the long-suppressed official report from the International Scientific Commission detailing evidence the US used biological weapons during the Korean War.

28 Jun 2015

New Evidence on CIA Medical Torture: Injection “to the Bone” on Former Black Site Prisoner Majid Khan

Quite recently, U.S. authorities allowed the declassification of notes from Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) attorney Wells Dixon that described what his client, high-value detainee Majid Khan, told him about his torture at the hands of the CIA. Khan, a Pakistan citizen, is currently at Guantanamo, and awaits trial by

13 Jun 2015

Déjà vu on Interrogation “Reform”: McCain/Feinstein Amendment Won’t Stop Torture

“There’s truth that lives and truth that dies…” – Leonard Cohen In a bizarre mixture of the sincere and the insincere, an amendment proposed by a bipartisan group of senators to the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is being touted as all but ending torture by the U.S. —

03 Jun 2015

New Questions About Conflict-of-Interest Throw Doubt on APA’s “Independent Review” of CIA Links

A report by psychologists and human rights workers released at the end of April charged officials of the American Psychological Association with collaborating with Bush administration officials, including members of the CIA, in furthering the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” torture program. The report, titled “All the President’s Psychologists,” drew upon emails

11 May 2015

CIA Investigation Minimizes Use of Drugs on Rendition & Black Site Detainees

The CIA has released documents regarding a 2008 Inspector General (IG) investigation into the use of “mind-altering” drugs to enhance or facilitate interrogations undertaken as part of their rendition, “black site” detention, and interrogation-torture (RDI) program. Not surprisingly, a brief investigation found, according to a January 29, 2009 newly declassified

07 May 2015

New Evidence of APA Aid in Writing Defense Department’s Interrogation Guidance for Psychologists

A new report by what New York Times reporter James Risen called “a group of dissident health professionals and human rights activists” has provided the best proof yet of collaboration and links between the CIA, Department of Defense, and the American Psychological Association (APA) regarding the government’s interrogation program. Not

02 May 2015

APA Ethics Director Consulted on Development of BSCT Training Program

A recently published essay co-authored by a former Guantanamo psychologist reveals that APA’s long-time ethics director, Stephen Behnke, worked as a consultant when the controversial Behavioral Science Consultation Teams were being reworked by the Department of Defense. The revelation amplifies recent findings about the very close role APA officials played in the construction of the Bush Administration’s torture program.

06 Apr 2015

In New Book, Details on Antimalarial Drugs as Part of Secret Program to Torture Guantanamo Detainees

It isn’t often that a book that sets out a case that drugs were used to disorient and disable Guantanamo detainees for interrogation makes the front pages, or gets the news coverage one new book did. What’s even more remarkable is that the revelations in that book are just the

05 Apr 2015

New Book: Antimalarial Drugs Part of Secret Program to Torture Detainees at Guantanamo

An important new book reveals how the antimalaria drug mefloquine was used at Guantanamo as part of a secret interrogation program that resulted, among other things, in the deaths of three detainees at the Cuban-based US prison camp. Further research shows mefloquine was implicated in possibly two detainee deaths, and that other drugs were also used to debilitate prisoners.

30 Mar 2015

Book Review: “This Must Be the Place: How the U.S. Waged Germ Warfare in Korean War & Denied It Ever Since”

There is no historical controversy as contentious or long-lasting as the North Korean and Chinese charges of U.S. use of biological weapons during the Korean War. For those who believe the charges to be false — and that includes much of American academia, but not all — they must assume