Lancaster Pipeline Awareness members joined the Walk Against the Pipeline in Conestoga Township, Lancaster County. Photo by Lancaster Pipeline Awareness on Facebook.
09 Mar 2017

Activists Describe Efforts To Stop Atlantic Sunrise Gas Pipeline In Pennsylvania

Shadowproof spoke with four people about their experiences with, and current efforts against, the Atlantic Sunrise Gas Pipeline in Pennsylvania.

Professional Staff Congress President Barbara Bowen speaks at a public meeting at Hostos Community College. (Photo by Brandon Jordan)
11 Jul 2016

CUNY Responds To BDS Activism On Campuses With Move To Control Free Expression

The proposal would establish a policy on what constitutes free speech and prohibits not only disruptions against people, but at the 24 CUNY campuses as well.

01 Aug 2015

The Roundup for August 1st, 2015

Special Announcement This is my last Roundup for Firedoglake, something I did not expect to write a few months ago. Even the song for today is something I always knew would be good to place for the end, but never expected it so soon. I feel, perhaps as you, somber. I

31 Jul 2015

Potential Oil Spill Concerns Arise As Shell Begins Arctic Drilling

There is increasing concern that Shell’s presence in the Arctic will lead to an oil spill, as the company begins to drill in the Chukcki Sea off the shore of Alaska. Shell is no stranger to the Chukchi Sea. In 1988, the firm spent $300 million to drill for oil

31 Jul 2015

The Roundup for July 31st, 2015

Enjoy your day folks. International Politics Overall – Journalist Patrick Cockburn joins The Real News to talk about Turkey’s role in the West’s fight against the Islamic State and the potential of it to jeopardize the situation – The Pentagon denied allegations that U.S.-trained rebels were captured in Syria – Private military contractors

30 Jul 2015

The Roundup for July 30th, 2015

Some smooth Latin sounds for the morning. International Politics Overall – Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, joins The Real News to question U.S. intentions when partnering with Turkey against the Islamic State – President Barack Obama’s tour throughout Africa was just a shaming tour  – Lee Fang: “Turkey’s

29 Jul 2015

The Roundup for July 29th, 2015

Been a while since punk was on the Roundup. International Politics Overall – Secretary of State John Kerry said, if Congress stopped the agreement with Iran, Iran would seek nuclear weapons; FOR THE LAST TIME THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS – Of course, Kerry said it would be “the

28 Jul 2015

The Roundup for July 28th, 2015

Almost the end of the month. Keep those suggestions coming, folks. International Politics Overall – Israel hopes to use the Syrian Civil War to bolster its energy independence – Russian President Vladimir Putin: I think Sepp Blatter should get the Nobel Peace Prize; *Spits out drink* – The United Nations suspended

27 Jul 2015

The Roundup for July 26-27th, 2015

Folks, any criticisms of the Roundup or suggestions to improve it? It’s been a while since I asked that so I’m open to hearing your input. International Politics Overall – President Barack Obama told leaders of African countries to treat gay people and women as equals – Turkey called for

25 Jul 2015

Oil And Gas Lobbyists Are Supporting Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Lobbyists connected to fossil fuel firms are acting as bundlers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign based on documents uploaded by journalist Lee Fang. In a post for The Intercept, Fang highlighted how private prison lobbyists were helping raise money for Clinton’s campaign. Interestingly, the documents also highlight lobbyists—who also have gone through the