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Open Call For Submissions On Black Lives Matter Organizing, Police Abolition

Following the publication of several excellent articles from our open call in June, Shadowproof continues its coverage of the movement to abolish the prison industrial complex.

We’re seeking another round of contributions from independent journalists on the following topics:

  • Perspectives on “looting” from abolitionist organizers and people who live in communities impacted by policing, while placing the act and popular narratives around it within their proper economic, political, racial, social, and other contexts.
  • The attempted cooptation of the Black Lives Matter movement by politicians, corporations, and movement groups with different agendas, as well as the use of abolitionist language and framing for non-abolitionist ends.
  • Grassroots candidates who have made defunding the police, dismantling the prison industrial complex, or broader principles of abolition a central part of their election campaigns. We’re especially interested in campaigns at the city and county level.

We are still accepting pitches on the following topics from June:

  • Grassroots abolitionist organizing to take power and resources away from policing, prisons, or other arms of the carceral state (like defunding police, etc.)
  • Examples of transformative justice, community accountability, and other non-carceral anti-violence processes that exist in most impacted communities
  • Critical analysis of reformist-reforms and exploration of non-reformist (abolitionist) reform proposals around the country

Shadowproof is primarily interested in reported pieces and will give priority to journalists who have demonstrated an understanding of and experience with the abolition movement. We are looking for reporting that examines issues involving abolition or reflects the work of abolitionist organizing.

We would also like to note that Shadowproof is committed to the safety and privacy of our sources. We are open to discussing anonymity and other ways to protect individuals featured in our reporting, as we acknowledge the sensitive and often dangerous nature of anti-violence organizing.

Please review our freelance submission guidelines before pitching Shadowproof. We look forward to hearing your ideas!



Shadowproof is a press organization driven to expose systemic abuses of power in business and government while at the same time developing a model for independent journalism that supports a diverse range of young freelance writers and contributors. It is intrinsically committed to elevating voices from marginalized communities, as well as dissenting perspectives which deserve greater attention.