We are specifically interested in publishing reporting from freelance journalists on:

  • Stories Of Those Impacted By Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Justice Movement
  • Prisoners Rights
  • Labor Unions & Ongoing Struggles
  • Money In Politics
  • Corporate Corruption/Crime
  • Fight For Living Wage/Wage Theft
  • Income Inequality

Freelance writers or journalists are encouraged to pitch stories to Shadowproof and submit their terms for a contract, including what they would like to be paid for their contribution.

We are especially interested in journalists, who are skilled at using the Freedom Of Information Act, to obtain documents for their reporting. If you have a story that uses FOIA documents, we will compensate you for funds and resources that went into obtaining the documents (in addition to paying you for your story).

Please send pitches only—not pre-written articles. We prefer to receive detailed pitches rather than completed work.

A pitch should include:

  • 1-2 paragraph summary of the story
  • Any relevant details about your experience as a journalist and why you are reporting or covering this story
  • If possible, a few sentences about the style of the story, how long you expect the story to be, and whether you plan to incorporate any original media (photos, infographics, video, etc.)
  • A writing sample if you haven’t been previously published by Shadowproof.

Send pitches to editor@shadowproof.com and please begin your subject line with the word “PITCH:”

What happens after I pitch a story?

A Shadowproof editor will consider your pitch. If your pitch is approved, we’ll discuss payment, share our style guidelines, and work to establish a deadline. We’ll work with you on your story and create a supportive atmosphere for our freelance writers.

After you submit your first draft, every article will be edited for content and readability with your active participation. You will have the opportunity to view revisions and discuss them with us before publication.

Shadowproof will support all paid contributions by featuring them prominently on our homepage and sharing them widely on social media.

If we reject your pitch, we will encourage you to keep proposing stories or try again next month.

We believe it is important to support freelancers, especially in this tough economy where media jobs are in decline, and we will do the best we can to give journalists, who are struggling and underrepresented, a platform.