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Freelance Journalists: Open Call For Submissions In April

Shadowproof is seeking pitches from journalists or writers for publication in April.

Individuals are encouraged to send pitches with a 1-2 paragraph outline for their story. We also urge journalists to suggest how much they would like to be compensated and when a first draft would be ready.

Email your pitches to and please begin the subject line with “PITCH:”

This month, Shadowproof would like to publish stories on the following subjects:

  • Expansion of ICE policies that particularly impact immigrant women
  • Direct actions against pipelines and legal efforts to invoke “necessity defense” in court
  • District attorney races and campaigns to pressure incumbent DAs or DA candidates over criminal justice issues
  • Challenges to policies that further transform schools into environments that are like jails—especially in aftermath of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting
  • Lack of investment or attacks on public education and actions to change this reality, especially in low income or working class communities

What happens after we receive your pitch?

We’ll respond within a week after receiving your submission. If we accept your pitch, we will discuss how much you want to be paid for your proposed contribution.

Please refer to our “Freelance Submissions” page for more details on submitting pitches to Shadowproof.

*You can support our open calls for contributions by making a donation here.*



Shadowproof is a press organization driven to expose systemic abuses of power in business and government while at the same time developing a model for independent journalism that supports a diverse range of young freelance writers and contributors. It is intrinsically committed to elevating voices from marginalized communities, as well as dissenting perspectives which deserve greater attention.