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Why Journalists Value Shadowproof, In Their Own Words

The opportunity to provide a strong platform to journalists whose work deserves more attention is a major part of what makes Shadowproof a vibrant media organization.

We take great pride in not only curating great adversarial reporting but in providing our writers with rigorous editorial support and fair compensation.

But the only way we can maintain support of freelancers is if our readers chip in a few dollars or become a Shadowproof member.

Journalists who published with us would like you to know why Shadowproof is important to them and their work.

Read what they had to say below and support us with a donation at

Roqayah Chamseddine:
Shadowproof’s independent coverage brings readers stories that impact the world around them—from prison abuse and health care to systematic discrimination and police brutality. This reporting is brought to you with no corporate strings attached. Working for Shadowproof has allowed me to pursue a number of projects, including the “Islam in America” video series, which tracked the lives of Muslims in the U.S. But we can’t continue this necessary work without the support of readers, so please consider subscribing today!

Jon Walker:
With just a handful of powerful tech companies deciding what does and doesn’t show up in your feeds and what does or doesn’t get ad dollars, independent reader-supported news sources have never been more critical. What really sets Shadowproof apart is its willingness to focus on the social justice issues concerning the most powerless in our society—issues so often ignored by network news sources and even progressive organizations.

Jared Ware:
Shadowproof is one of the only outlets that stays 100% independent and is willing to hold power to account in a time when that is so desperately needed. I’ve been blogging and involved in different forms of activism for years, but Shadowproof was the first outlet that offered to pay me for my work. Their editors work to support freelancers who are just learning the ropes in journalism and they do an excellent job. As an advocate for incarcerated people, I don’t believe that there’s any outlet that is so committed to truth and responsible journalism when it comes to exposing the injustices of the prison industrial complex. I hope that you will all support Shadowproof as they won’t be able to continue publishing great work on health care, prisons, the military industrial complex, FBI and police corruption, and a variety of other critical but under-represented topics without the financial support of readers and subscribers.

Laura Muth:
Shadowproof was one of the first publications I ever worked with as a freelancer, and the editorial staff there set a high bar. The editors I worked with were approachable, competent, and supportive. Their support gave me the confidence I needed to pursue an important story. Journalists need publications like Shadowproof: ones that will pay for quality work, that will give opportunities to emerging writers, and that care about stories that impact marginalized communities. And readers need the kind of stories Shadowproof can bring them.

Will Parrish:
Shadowproof is an indispensable hub of information and analysis that comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. It is also a crucial venue for journalists like me, who dig into the margins for crucial stories that are often passed over by corporate media outlets. The support the Shadowproof gave my May 18, 2017 story, “The Federal Government Is Trying To Imprison These Six Water Protectors,” was exciting and refreshing. The story was also widely read. I am certain I will contribute to Shadowproof again in the near-future.

Steve Horn:
Shadowproof is a crown jewel independent news website, made that way because it relies on grassroots fundraising to keep itself afloat, thus enabling itself to produce content that is independent by its very nature in that it only answers to its readership. Not only that, but its precursor Firedoglake was among my inspirations to go into journalism to begin with, which I began reading while in college. Given how rare this model is and how badly needed non-partisan, justice-focused reporting is, I can say I was proud to produce some investigative journalism for the site.

Our reliance on readers like you, instead of corporations and wealthy donors, is what makes Shadowproof a truly independent outlet that can publish this kind of reporting. If you believe in what we do, please make a donation at

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Brian Nam-Sonenstein

Brian Nam-Sonenstein

Publishing Editor at Shadowproof and columnist at Prison Protest.