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At This Rate, We’ll All Be Dead Before Our Country Truly Fixes Health Care

Here we are, debating health care reform again, seven years after Obamacare became law.

Republicans will soon vote on a health care plan that will have terrible consequences for vulnerable Americans while cutting taxes for the rich. If signed into law, we will be back here again in eight years.

How many more rounds of tinkering with for-profit healthcare will Americans endure before the United States adopts a system that covers everyone, like other countries?

We need journalism that cuts through spin from Republicans and Democrats and clarifies how proposals will truly impact us. Movements empowering citizens in the fight for a better system deserve a platform as well, as they struggle to expand our vision.

Shadowproof is raising $3,000 to fund such critical journalism by policy analyst Jon Walker and movement reporter Roqayah Chamseddine. You can help change the conversation on health care by donating $10 or more today.


With reporters like Jon and Roqayah on the beat, we can help people see the bigger picture on health care and demand more from politicians.

We consider Jon’s reporting on the original Obamacare battle essential reading. He understands the inner workings of health care policy and politics, correctly predicting many of Obamacare’s shortcomings years ago, like weak insurance subsidies, low quality plans, and high deductibles. (You can view his past reporting on Obamacare at Shadowproof.)

Jon’s work underscores the failures of the private insurance model, which show no signs of abating under Obamacare or Trumpcare.

Better recognition of issues will create space for Americans to more forcefully demand a universal health care system once and for all—like single-payer.

That’s where Roqayah will play a key role. Her background covering social movements at Shadowproof makes her an excellent voice for amplifying the work of various activists, organizations, and movements working to expand health care access. She will keep people informed about how and where they can get involved various struggles to recognize healthcare as a human right.

Corporate and partisan media won’t provide the kind of coverage we plan to publish because it’s not in their interest. Be part of the grassroots movement for strong health care journalism by helping us reach our $3,000 goal as soon as possible.

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."