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Making The Best Of A Trump Situation

The vast majority of news reporting in the United States currently focuses on daily drama in the reality TV president’s White House. It misses countless issues facing citizens, particularly those in marginalized communities, which deserve our regular attention.

Shadowproof plans to challenge this trend by investing in more issues-based freelance journalism focused on communities directly impacted.

We are especially interested in funding reporting that covers:

—Climate Change and Environmental Activism
—Wall Street and Predatory Capitalism
—Education and Labor Organizing Around Schools

Can you please join us for $5 or more each month to fund freelance journalism on these pressing issues?

Shadowproof is funded entirely by our readers. We don’t receive money from corporate sponsors, institutions, or mega-donors. Memberships, which average around $20, go a long way to fund journalism each month.

Not a week goes by where scientists do not offer dire warnings about climate change, and yet, there is barely any coverage. Little attention is paid to the grassroots organizations fighting destruction of their communities by the fossil fuel industry.

While the environment, economy, and education involve the White House, the reporting we hope to publish will center on communities. We will amplify the impact of national policies, such as deregulation and privatization, on citizens.

Shadowproof recognizes freelance journalists struggle in a rapidly deteriorating media economy that focuses narrowly on Washington, D.C., and overlooks important news in most other parts of the country.

We pay journalists what they believe is fair instead of relying on some lousy metric, like word count, that may result in underpayment. We also have a reputation for paying journalists in a timely manner instead of making them guess whether they might be paid weeks, months, or at all after they complete work.

Help us publish more reporting on the stories the rest of the media is missing and support independent journalists committed to issues-based reporting in the public interest.

Become a Shadowproof member or make a donation today.

Thank you for reading and supporting Shadowproof.

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."