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Trump’s Lawyers Had Part Of A Book Cut Because It Detailed His Encounters With Women

The following is a deleted excerpt from Washington Post reporters Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher’s book, “Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power.” The excerpt was cut after pressure from President Donald Trump’s legal team, which threatened to make life unbearable for Kranish and Fisher if they included these incredibly shocking revelations.


It was 1992, two years after Donald Trump’s split with his wife, Ivana. He was 46 years-old. He had regular trysts with women. The tabloids featured salacious details about his personal life on their front pages. Trump frequently boasted about the many, many, many women, who allegedly wanted a piece of him, to link themselves to him so they could take advantage of his name and reputation.

Marla Maples, a former beauty queen, would soon be Trump’s wife. She previously proclaimed to the New York Post that Trump was the “best sex” she ever had. The declaration appeared as a big bold headline on the front page of an edition of the Post, which Trump proudly waved around for days. He told Barbara Fife, deputy mayor under New York Mayor David N. Dinkins, he was eager to go on a date with Maples, a “model for Victoria’s Secret.” Fife regarded this as “immature.”

As early as 1987, Trump had an affair with Maples. The couple went on a skiing trip to Aspen during Christmas in 1989. Ivana Trump learned Maples was on vacation nearby so Trump could slink away for romantic encounters throughout the vacation. Ivana Trump even ran into Maples, and Donald Trump tried to escape on skis. Ivana was too good of a skier and chased after him, eventually catching up to wag a finger in his face for cheating. Ivana Trump used evidence of an affair to push for an expensive divorce settlement.

Ivana Trump also made serious allegations of rape in a deposition during divorce proceedings. According to Ivana Trump, Donald Trump ripped off her clothes. He jammed his penis inside her. It had been sixteen months since he wanted sex from her. But because he was angry over a “scalp reduction” procedure for balding that did not go like he wanted, he violated her.

The deposition indicates Ivana Trump declared, “He raped me.” She insisted during the presidential campaign that she never considered what Donald Trump did to be rape. Nonetheless, the deposition from the early 1990s unmistakably depicted a reprehensible act of sexual assault.

In 1992, “Entertainment Tonight” captured Donald Trump in Trump Tower talking to a group of young girls. He asked one of the girls if she was going up an escalator. She said yes. He replied, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?“

While crude to many, this is all a part of the “playboy image” burnished by Donald Trump right up until he announced his presidential candidacy. The Washington Post even released a video containing a conversation he had with “Access Hollywood” correspondent Billy Bush, where he claimed he could grab women by the pussy, with or without their consent, because he is a star.

Trump fashioned himself as a master salesman of love, seeking to extract romance from any woman he thought he should have as his own. However, we came across multiple women, who had experiences which do not match the image maintained by Trump.

These women had disturbing experiences with Trump but never went public with any allegations. They thought if anyone heard their stories they would think they were opportunistic liars out to damage Trump’s reputation for their own gain. They believed no one would believe stories that show deep down inside he is like most men who put on a front and do not know their way around the kitchen.

Since Trump might potentially be elected the next President of the United States, the women shared details from their encounters. They hoped citizens would consider whether this predatory and lowbred behavior could rear its ugly head in scenarios, which might have great impact on the U.S. and the world, including matters of war and peace.


Marriage to Marla Maples may have been all but inevitable in 1992, but Donald Trump was not one to miss a chance for a fling. Melissa Mendoza, a supermodel who posed nude for a 1991 issue of “Hot Models” magazine, accompanied Trump to his castle in Florida, the Mar-a-Lago Estate, which he acquired in 1985.

It was late in the evening. Trump led Mendoza up a winding staircase on the way to his bedroom. As she recalls, he boasted about the craftwork that went into the stairs. He shared mind-numbing details about the price of the carpet. He peppered Mendoza with tidbits of information about the construction of the walls and a Greek portrait with disturbing phallic symbols that he obtained for the hallway immediately outside the bedroom.

Donald Trump led her into the bedroom. He turned on the lights and marveled at the glittering chandelier hanging over the bed. He took a moment to point out the gold-plated objects in the bedroom. He then put his hands on her and planted a kiss. She pursed her lips but closed her eyes. He casually invited her to sit on the edge of the bed.

Mendoza had not noticed them prior to this moment, however, she was drawn to his hands. His fingers seemed to be smaller than most men. She remembers being in the middle of a thought about the shape of his hands when he leaned over her and thrust one of those little hands under her dress. He grabbed at her first, and she tried to lay back and relax.

She kept her eyes closed as he blankly stared in her direction. By this point, his whole fist was almost inside of her vagina. Except, he rotated his hand around like he was trying to clean the bottom of a dirty jar with a sponge.

After five minutes, Trump said, “See, there, I made you come. Wasn’t that great? I’m really great at that, aren’t I?” Mendoza said she had experienced no pleasure whatsoever. He insisted she had come and said this is what women like. “I know what women like. They like this. You like this.”

Mendoza had a momentary flashback to one of the first times she ever had sex when she was a teenager. Greg, a boy in her high school, had no idea what he was doing when they were in her basement. She had to move his hand to where she wanted him to touch her in order to feel anything good.

Trump put his small digits back inside of her. She was again perplexed. Did he know vigorous jazz hands was not remotely fun for a woman trying to get off in bed?

“I’m getting you ready for my penis. Women like it when I get them ready for my penis. All the women I date have me do this before I give them the penis,” Trump claimed.

Mendoza sat up and informed Trump of the basic fact that women are not all the same. She then told Trump he would have to do something else if he wanted to arouse her. Trump grew angry and suggested she touch herself.

“Be a good slut. If you want to be a slut, then be a slut.” He left the bedroom, furious that he was unable to please her.

According to Mendoza, Donald Trump never returned. One of the staff that worked at the estate knocked on the door and helped her get anything she needed before whisking her off in a limousine. She was put on a private plane that headed back to New York and never heard from Trump again.

When she thinks back to what happened, the one thing she will never forget is how devastated he was to learn that jamming his less-than-modest-sized fist inside her was not going to give her an orgasm. It simply was never going to give her any pleasure at all, no matter how long he did it.


There is a potential explanation for what Mendoza and others experienced. Evidence suggests Donald Trump suffers from antisocial personality disorder, which has at times manifested itself in the form of sexual narcissism.

Dr. Wayne Barber, a psychologist with the American Institute of Psychologists, reviewed Trump’s personal life. He assessed the period of his life in the early 1990s and determined it was highly likely the businessman struggled with feelings of inadequacy during this period, especially since many of his ventures were going bankrupt.

He worried about courting women, securing dates, and performing in bed. It was not because he was good at lovemaking but because he was addicted to the transaction.

Trump craved approval. He was probably overly-sensitive to any criticism during sexual intercourse. There may have been moments, albeit a few, where he was a decent sexual partner, however, when he was overly aggressive and eager to perform, his ability to please declined tremendously.

Barber noted traits of sexual narcissism, such as how he was so demanding of women. He needed women to cater to his own selfish needs, and it was near impossible for a woman to ever satisfy his insatiable desires.

It is not uncommon for women to find themselves constantly put down by sexual narcissists, who need to feel they are more desirable and superior to their partner, according to Barber. Someone who exhibits the behavior of Trump cannot help subjugating their partner during a relationship so they are trapped in an inferior psychological position.


Yolanda Stephens was in the lobby of Trump Tower with a male colleague. In May 1992, she worked in the building at the Otto Ritter Law Firm, which represented complainants in lawsuits filed against some of the biggest corporations in New York. The firm was later found have stolen millions of dollars in settlement money to help give executives massive bonuses every year and pay for annual corporate retreats to the Sonoran Desert with renowned motivational speaker Tavish Ludwig, who was known for his work turning “C” list actors into infomercial sensations.

Trump approached Stephens. She immediately knew who he was, but this was the first time she had encountered him during her time at Trump Tower.

“Are you together?” Trump asked.

Her colleague was not sure of how to respond, especially since Trump’s eyes kept darting to her skirt. Trump did not wait for a response and added, “Well, if you won’t have her, I’ll have her. May I have her? She’s very pretty.” He raised his eyebrows, grinned, and then walked away.

The following week, Stephens said Trump offered her a position working on a real estate venture. She was not very happy with her job. She admits she could not stop thinking about him and made an appointment with his office.

On the day of the appointment, Stephens rode the elevator up to the 26th Floor. When the doors opened, Trump greeted her. He put his arm around her and asked her to look at a Polaroid camera while he raised his thumb in the air. An associate inserted the photo into a binder of identical photos with others he interviewed and met with in the course of deal-making.

Trump spent most of the interview talking about himself. Stephens realized he really was not interested in whether she was the right person for a job. He just wanted someone who would sit there and listen to him talk about the state of the economy and how he was a warrior in a big city that was making it harder for developers and innovation each and every day.

When the interview finally ended, Trump mentioned his penthouse. He invited Stephens. He also said he would get her “a top-of-the-line skirt, the kind of skirt you would not believe existed because it looks so great.”

Suddenly, according to Stephens, Trump shimmied while standing a few steps from her. He made a hand motion as if he was milking a cow and stuck out his tongue. She is positive that he chortled too.

Stephens had a flashback to a boy named Joel, who she thought was cute during high school. It turned out he was terribly immature. One night, in the back of his Ford Tempo, Joel kept trying to suck on her left boob like he was breast feeding.

“You’re not some cold floozie, are you?” Trump asked. It brought Stephens back to the moment.

Stephens said it was time to go, and to this day, she is grateful Trump reminded her of Wayne because that was all she needed to take control of the situation and leave his office as quickly as possible. She even considered calling Wayne to thank him, but then she thought he might want to hookup and perform magic in a sad clown costume while quoting Albert Camus. She had learned it was best to never call her exes.


On August 4, 1992, Donald Trump did not miss a moment to display Marla Maples as a kind of prize when attending gatherings of celebrities and business elites. Some may say their relationship was the most intense during this time. Maples was in a show called “The Will Rogers Follies” and Trump delighted in gushing about it, especially because she played the girlfriend of a wealthy entertainer, Florenz Ziegfeld, who he thought resembled him.

Hundreds of people came to the debut to see the woman, who had stolen Donald Trump from Ivana Trump. Trump held a Western-themed after-party for many of them in the grand ballroom of his Plaza Hotel after the show. There, he showed off Maples and garnered more tabloid attention. He beamed in front of Keith Carradine, Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford, LaToya Jackson, Maury Povich, Mike Wallace, and the real estate developer Lewis Rudin. Financial consultants, who advised a few of Trump’s creditors, came to see his lover.

Yet, three weeks before, Trump had a moment once again, where his need for sexual approval from women brought out the musty predator inside of him.

Trump needed a date for a ritzy dinner with some of the very people he would potentially need to help bail him out when his ventures financially collapsed in New York and Atlantic City. Tracie Hunter was a Calvin Klein model he spotted in an advertisement. He had his secretary call her up and invite her to the engagement. She agreed to go to the dinner with him.

After the engagement, according to Hunter, Trump invited her to see his penthouse in Trump Tower. She said yes. When they arrived, he gave her a tour of the three-level home, which today is valued at $100 million. He shared mind-numbing details about the marble floors. He told her about the marble walls. He told her about the marble columns. He spent nearly an hour bragging about the effort that went into ensuring there was just the right amount of gold molding, glasses, vases, and chandeliers. He was sniffing a lot and she hoped he would offer her cocaine, but he never did.

There also were all these Greek sculptures and art, including a statue of Eros and Psyche that led Trump to turn to her and say, “Have you ever had a man hold you like that? I’m sure you’ve had a man hold you like that. Surely, a man would not hesitate to hold you.” She blushed.

Donald Trump led her to a grand bedroom. It had similar gold-plated decor and marble. Trump continued to share his infatuation with the extravagance of his tower. Hunter said she walked over and gave him a kiss. He ran his hand up her leg then underneath her dress and grabbed her vagina.

It was rather aggressive, and Hunter pushed his hand away while pulling him over to the bed. At that moment, Trump said, “Do you want to come? I can make you come. I bet you’ll be impressed at how much you come. You’ll beg me to help you stop coming.”

Hunter experienced a flashback to the time when she was in a backyard swimming pool with a boy named Anthony from her high school math class. He kept trying to shove the rusty end of a gushing water hose inside her, even though she kept telling him that wouldn’t make her feel good at all.

She still wanted to give Trump a chance to live up to the hype in the tabloid media. She took her dress off and laid on the bed. Trump insisted she roll over so he could mount her from behind. He then pulled down his pants with his suit jacket and dress shirt still on and rammed his penis inside her.

“Did I make you come? I make all of them come. By them, I mean, the women. Surely, you’re coming,” Trump said, a minute after thrusting manically inside of her.

Hunter was not all that pleased. This was not what she had thought would happen if she allowed herself to be wooed by Trump. It was far from the best sex she ever had. He even felt like he was going limp, however, she wanted to finish like nothing was awkward and find a way to exit as soon as possible.

Trump shouted at her to “roll over, sweetheart.” He then went at her again. Now, she could see his face. It lacked any sign of emotion. His head was a slightly bloated orange-red orb that seemed tired. He panted. Again, “You surely have come. I’ve made you come. I make them all come.”

At that point, Hunter was about to say yes so she could put on her dress and leave. But Trump climbed on her. His pants fell to the floor. He straddled her and tightened up his body. Hovering over her stomach, he let out a warrior-like grunt and a turd fell on her belly. She recoiled.

“We’re done now,” Trump said. He stood up, threw a gold towel at her face, and left the bedroom.

Hunter had no idea how to respond. She was in complete shock. How could a man like Trump be so terribly bad, if not completely psychotic, during sex? She put on her dress and dropped the gold-plated towel to the ground. The poop was wrapped inside it.

The door to the bedroom opened. It was one of the staff who helped maintain the apartment. She was told a taxi would take her home, and 24 years later, she regrets staying silent to protect herself from embarrassment. She thinks maybe the world would not face the prospect of a President Donald Trump if they had known about the weird poop sex.

*Note: Now that you have retweeted this post and commented in some thread about Trump being a colossal pervert, please allow us to inform you this is deliberate and intentional satire. But that does not change the fact that Trump is probably still a big pervert.

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."