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The Week The Media Crowned Hillary Clinton The Democratic Nominee

A New York Times reporter asked Bernie Sanders, on the day before one of the biggest days in the Democratic presidential primary, “What do you say to women that say you staying in the race is sexist because it could get in the way of what could be the first female president?”

Such a question is outrageous, and it epitomizes the kind of absurd identity politics, which has become a hallmark of Clinton’s presidential campaign. The history she made is a result of a rigged process designed to bolster Clinton. The Associated Press and NBC News “rounded up” superdelegates to help her reach the “magic number” to claim the title of presumptive nominee. Yet, it somehow is Sanders, who is to be scorned because he is “sexist” for not stepping aside to allow the coronation of Clinton to happen without protest.

In a mega edition of the “Unauthorized Disclosure” weekly podcast, Katie Halper, a comedian, writer, and host of “The Katie Halper Show” on WBAI, joined hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola to discuss how Hillary Clinton claimed her crown this past week.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and use of identity politics is a recurring topic on the “Unauthorized Disclosure” podcast. This week, we talk with our guest, Katie Halper, about the media anointing Clinton to be the nominee before the California primary last week. Halper addresses some of the latest absurd identity politics in the election, such as a New York Times reporter asking if it was sexist for Bernie Sanders to stay in the race.

The episode runs quite a bit longer than previous shows. However, the extra 30 minutes features Khalek, Kevin Gosztola, and Katie Halper reading some of awesomely atrocious and marvelous writing or arguments put together by Clinton boosters. Gosztola reads a piece from Slate that makes Khalek want to vandalize her room. Halper reads an exchange she had on Twitter with Jeffrey Wright. And Khalek reads a glorious piece from Blue Nation Review, a truly splendid pro-Clinton project now owned and driven by David Brock.

It is available on iTunes. For a link to the interview (and also to download the interview), go here. A page will load with the audio file of the interview. The file will automatically start playing so you can listen to the episode.

You can also click on the below player to listen to the episode.

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."