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Preview: Shadowproof Hosts Discussion With Barry Eisler on His New Book

Shadowproof will be hosting a discussion with author Barry Eisler about his new fiction book, “The God’s Eye View,” on March 3 at 8 pm ET.

“The God’s Eye View” is an elaborate political thriller that draws huge inspiration from the disclosures from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. In a future not so longer after the disclosures, Eisler explores how the United States government might intensify the crackdown on whistleblowers and journalists in order to guard top-secret surveillance programs even more closely.

How far are agency leaders in the NSA and other parts of the government willing to go to prevent the public from knowing what their government is doing in their name? Would they assassinate a journalist? Would they assassinate a whistleblower? How would they assassinate truth-tellers?

Eisler is a former CIA officer. He understands quite well how security agencies manipulate the public and media with propaganda to create the perception of national security programs or operations, which they desire. He also seems to be influenced from some of the best conspiracy thrillers in cinema, particularly films like “The Parallax View” or “Three Days of the Condor.”

The main character in the novel, Evie, works for the NSA. Her duty has been to help spot “insider threats.” But when she thinks she is now the “insider threat” because of what she’s learned about insidious actions by the agency, what is she supposed to do?

Should Evie follow in the footsteps of Snowden? Or should she remain silent because so many whistleblowers before her had their lives destroyed?

The facts behind the fiction may be most stunning to readers. To those who read the book in complete disbelief that this could happen, Eisler has sources at the end to help readers recognize the fictional scenario could happen one day. It just has not happened yet.

Join Eisler and me for an online discussion of his new book “The God’s Eye View.” We will discuss the various issues in national security, whistleblowing, and journalism, which inspired the book. We will talk about some of the characters and plot in the book without giving away spoilers because we want people to still be able to read and enjoy the book.

Sign up to attend the online discussion. We’ll send you a link right before the event starts at 8 pm ET so you can follow our conversation and ask questions toward the end. Just go here to sign up.

Or, look for us to share a link to the live streaming discussion through our Shadowproof account on Twitter. As we are about to start the event, we will share a link, and you will be able to click on that link to watch us talk about “The God’s Eye View” and issues explored in the novel. During the latter part of the event, we will take your questions.

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."