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Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Fuck The NRA’ by Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda

More than seven thousand children are killed or injured by gun violence every year in the United States, but the National Rifle Association, America’s foremost gun lobby group, believes in targeting kids when marketing guns. “Start them young,” as one foundation put it. And, in some cases, parents are very eager to introduce their children to guns at a very young age—just as the NRA desires.

This is but one outrageous aspect of gun culture in the U.S., a subject which Jamie Kilstein and the Agenda rail against in their song, “Fuck the NRA,” which is Shadowproof’s “Protest Song of the Week.”

Kilstein is a stand-up comic and co-host of the popular “Citizen Radio” podcast. He has recorded multiple stand-up albums, which have hit number one. He took his craft to the next level with this music project of protest songs and rants put to music.

Through PledgeMusic.com, he funded the project’s first album, “A Bit Much,” which will be released in April.

Fans of Kilstein’s stand-up comedy will recognize the lyrics of “Fuck the NRA.” The difference is this searing rant on the NRA now can be heard with a driving punk rock rhythm accompanying it.

“If you need a gun to show people how tough you are/Then you are a fucking coward,” Kilstein says in the opening of the song. He takes aim at those who suggest they need weapons for hunting. “You are a fucking coward/Who’s so afraid of the terrifying land-monster, the deer/You have to dress up in camo/Bring your friends for backup/And climb a tree/To shoot an animal/Who’s only job/Is to frolic.”

Later in the song, Kilstein declares, “The Constitution didn’t say shit about you using Glocks/To mow down black teenagers/Cause you’re afraid of anything/Not wearing a Klan outfit.” He admonishes gun nuts to stop acting like Steven Seagal from the movies. Because in “real life, you are Steven Seagal in real life.”

What will happen if the government attacks America? Kilstein jokes about Tom the Meth-Head, who listens to too much Alex Jones, and how likely it will be that his arsenal saves this country.

In terms of the project, Kilstein incorporated more music into his stand-up over the past one to two years. It evolved into Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda, and he produced this music with the same vision he has brought to the “Citizen Radio” show.

The music is intended to be for the “weirdos, outcasts, artists, feminists, progressives, vegans, LGBT kids, [and] pretty much anyone you don’t see on TV.”

Listen to “Fuck the NRA,” which is “Protest Song of the Week.” Hear what it sounds like on the new album by going here. Or, watch Jamie Kilstein perform a version of the song.


Jamie Kilstein will be doing an online discussion about his new music project for Shadowproof on Thursday, February 25, at 8 pm ET. Kevin Gosztola will host, and Kilstein will perform some music too. [UPDATE – February 23: Event has been postponed.]

Are you an independent artist who has written and/or produced a protest song that you would like featured? Or do you have a favorite protest song? Submit a song to protestmusic@Shadowproof.com

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."