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Ali Al-Nimr’s Father Pleads For Son’s Release & Online Activism Ahead Of Crucifixion

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MINNEAPOLIS — Saudi Arabia has carried out a record number of executions this year, but that didn’t stop the kingdom from taking its seat on a key panel at the U.N. Human Rights Council.

And even though it’s not something the corporate media likes to talk about, as of July, Saudi Arabia had already beheaded nearly twice as many people as ISIS so far this year.

One scheduled execution, in particular, is receiving a flood of attention from international media, human rights groups like CodePink and Amnesty international, and even the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

Ali Al-Nimr was condemned to be crucified in 2012, when he was just 17 years old. Under Saudi law, he will first be beheaded, then his body will be publicly displayed. His uncle, Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, is a well-known political dissident and Shiite cleric who has spoken out against the repressive ruling party of Saudi Arabia. Last October, he, too, was sentenced to death.

Ali al-Nimr’s father, Mohammad or Abu Baker, joins MintPress to discuss how his family has been impacted by his son’s case. Abu Baker calls for the execution to be cancelled, and for everyone around the world to continue peaceful global activism through social media to put pressure on the Saudi Kingdom to release his son.

The family’s legal adviser and advocate in Washington DC, Esha Krishnaswamy, chimed in stressing how much online activism is working and what Americans can do to help Ali.

Sign the petition for President Obama to negotiate the release of Ali al-Nimr.

Mnar Muhawesh

Mnar Muhawesh

Mnar Muhawesh is founder and editor in chief of MintPress News. Ms. Muhawesh is also a regular speaker on responsible journalism, sexism, neoconservativism within the media and journalism start-ups.