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Pennsylvania Cops Body Slam Man Singing “Beach Boys” Music

Gma tipped us off to the video above in our discussion of another police brutality incident.

Carlos Miller, over at Photography Is Not A Crime, offered more details on this incident, which apparently took place in Allentown, Pennsylvania:

A 61-year-old man happily singing a Beach Boys song in front of a crowded restaurant in Pennsylvania was violently body slammed by a cop before he was carted off to jail Friday.

But Allentown police have yet to tell Jim Ochse what charges he is facing, assuring the self-employed athletic trainer that he will be cited by mail – most likely waiting for the videos to surface before concocting their narrative.

Already, two videos have surfaced, thwarting their initial plan to claim Ochse had touched the officer, which, of course, would given the officer the green light to pound his skull into the pavement.

UPDATE: The Allentown police officer who body slammed a 61-year-old man singing in public, said he did so because he “feared me may try to fight.”

Pennsylvania Cop Who Body Slammed 61-Year-Old Man for Singing Said He “Feared He May Try to Fight”

Miller also includes this second video of the incident:

Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

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