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14 Cops Pin Down One-Legged Homeless Man For Waving Crutch (VIDEO)

The Young Turks Network sent this video along today of apparent police brutality in San Francisco. Here’s part of their description:

Cenk Uygur breaks down another story of police abuse, this time in San Francisco. A homeless man can be seen being handled by multiple cops. As seen in bystander footage, the man is faced down on the cement with his pants practically down. Another detail to note is the fact that the cops are standing over the man’s prosthetic leg. One bystander even says, “What are you doing? Wait, you’re on his prosthetic leg!” The woman from the video is also heard saying, “You don’t even have enough respect for this human being to pull his pants up, that’s ridiculous.”

“If he’s acting up, don’t you think like, ‘Let me try to handle this in a way where I don’t treat this guy as the bad guy?’” Uygur says, “Somebody, do the man a favor and pull his pants up.”

Uygur points out that even if it’s better ending since the man did not die, “We got way too low a bar for the cops in the country when we look at something like that and say, ‘Thank God we didn’t kill him.’”

Uygur goes on to compare the behavior of the San Francisco police to the behavior of police from Scandinavian countries. Similarly, earlier this month we shared Sean Nevins’ report on policing in Norway.

What Norway Is Getting Right About Policing That American Cops Just Can’t Figure Out

Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

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