Health care for all. Photo by wayne marshall (wayneandwax)
22 Feb 2017

It’s Perfectly Fine If Rich Benefit From Universal Social Programs

Calling for laws that would make everyone entitled to the same government assistance to afford health insurance and education is a good thing.

16 Jan 2017

Trump’s Chief Of Staff Promises To Keep Entitlements But Obamacare Plan Unknown

President-elect Donald Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus says there are no plans to cut Social Security or Medicare. This was Trump’s position throughout the Republican primaries and general election. But Priebus was less blunt on whether the expansion of Medicaid brought by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) would

"Healthcare Costs." Photo by Images Money on Flickr.
04 Jan 2017

Will Trump Go Along With Paul Ryan’s Plan To Destroy Medicare?

Given President-elect Trump’s commitments and the popularity of Social Security and Medicare, will he go along with Paul Ryan’s plan to destroy the programs?

Bernie Sanders supporters hold up signs during his speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Photo by disneyabc.
26 Jul 2016

Bernie Sanders Sells Out The ‘Revolution’ For Nothing

If the lasting achievement of the Sanders campaign is getting changes to a sterile document, then call it a “revolution” lost.

10 Nov 2015

Senator Tom Cotton Wrongly Tries To Link Social Security And Drug Addiction

There is absolutely no basis whatsoever for Senator Tom Cotton’s batty claim that Social Security benefits fuels heroin addiction among the poor.

30 Oct 2015

100 CEO Retirement Accounts Equal To Savings Of 50M Families

A new report calculates that the retirement assets of just 100 CEOs add up to as much as the entire retirement account savings of 41% of American families.

Social Security. Photo via armydre2008 on Flickr.
27 Jan 2015

As GOP Targets Social Security, Arguments Raised To Expand It

Left-wing policy circles are exploring the notion of expanding the program into “Social Security for All” or a universal basic income.

Alaska Senator Mark Begich speaks to reporters at the Fairbanks Labor Day Picnic. Photo via AFL-CIO on Flickr.
28 Apr 2014

Begich Running to Obama’s Left in a Red State Because of Social Security

Even in the red state of Alaska, Senator Mark Begich (D) feels the need to run to President Barack Obama’s left to win over seniors.

20 Feb 2014

Obama’s Budget Drops Big Social Security Cut

The White House announces President Obama’s new proposed budget won’t include cutting Social Security benefits by adopting a chained-CPI.

09 Dec 2013

Third Way’s Attack On Elizabeth Warren Prompted By Calls For Expanding Social Security

Centrist think tank Third Way launched an attack on Elizabeth Warren over her support for a plan to expand Social Security benefits.