A close up of a hand operating a smartphone's touch screen. (Flickr / Japanexperterna.se)
22 Dec 2015

Beyond Government Spying, Corporate Surveillance Is A Fact Of Modern Life

“Sure, massive amounts of data are no longer being collected — by the NSA. Telecommunications corporations have taken over where the government left off.”

File: An ink stamp in the shape of a Facebook "LIKE" icon is used on a folded sheet of white paper. (Flickr / Denis Dervisevic)
03 Sep 2015

Your Facebook Friends Could Cost You A Loan

Welcome to the age of the social media credit check. On July 22nd, Facebook filed a new patent for a product the company could sell to creditors to analyze someone’s creditworthiness based on their social network.

A vintage mailbag photographed on March 30, 2009 at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. (Flickr / Marcin Wichary)
02 Aug 2015

Welcome To Shadowproof’s Community

We hope Shadowproof will be both a website and a community, where members feel empowered to engage in passionate but respectful debate with journalists, editors and staff on every article. We want every reader to have a stake in our website. Here’s how we’re building that community.

A row of activists with linked arms at a Black Lives Matter protest in Baltimore on April 29, 2015. (Flickr / Arash Azizzada)
31 Jul 2015

During Baltimore Uprising, City Officials Criminalized Hashtags & Labeled Social Media Postings as ‘Threats’

In the early moments of the uprising in Baltimore after police killed Freddie Gray, Baltimore city officials monitored social media. The officials labeled activists and other users, who were posting about reported rioting, protest activity, and police action, as “threats.” The spreadsheet listing individuals deemed to have posted “threats” was