08 Jan 2018

US Support For Honduras Election: Another Front In New Cold War

Although the Cold War officially ended, the United States continues waging aggression in Latin America, including its support for Honduras Election results.

11 Mar 2016

Obama Doctrine, Washing Blood From His Hands, British Press Going Ballistic

Next Cold War Roundup 3/11/16.  The Obama Doctrine and the Underside of Buses _ A very long read in the Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg, “The Obama Doctrine,” is based on an interview with Pres. Obama, describes a president with a “natural reticence toward getting militarily ensnarled”, mismatched with his hawkish and/or

30 Nov 2015

The Long War and the Coalition of the Willing

The pressure is on to assemble a large number of ground troops for the US coalition to deploy in Syria and restart large scale Long War in the Middle East.

27 Nov 2015

Conflict Escalates Between Turkey And Russia, NATO In Play

Next Cold War Roundup 11-27-15 M/W/F 10AM Eastern.   Russia – Turkey – Europe – US – NATO Conflict in Syria Escalates and Complicates o Game changer? The meetings and agreements between Russian and American military in which the two coalitions assured each other that they did not intend to