30 Dec 2015

Conflicting Stories On What Really Happened In Ramadi

Next Cold War Roundup 12/30/15 Ramadi, Iraq _ More details are coming out about how Ramadi was reclaimed by Iraqi forces and US coalition.  The reports coming from the US  and the reports coming from Iraqi government sources are very different. _ More than one source reports that ISIS mainly

28 Dec 2015

Forces Backed by America and Russia Make Progress Against ISIS

Next Cold War Roundup 12/28/15   Kurds and New Syrian Democratic Forces Coalition Seize Tishrin Dam, Cross Erdogan’s Red Line (The Euphrates River), Poised to Cut ISIS Supply Lines _ The US-backed coalition, Syrian Democratic Forces, have seized the strategic Tishrin dam on the Euphrates  river, south of Kobane.  The

21 Dec 2015

Joint Chiefs Worked To Undermine ‘Special Relationship’ with Al Qaeda in Syria

Next Cold War Roundup 12/21/15 M/W/F 10ish Eastern. More evidence the West has a “Special Relationship” with Al Qaeda and that the Joint Chiefs undermined this CIA and Obama administration policy in Syria after warning of its dangers _ Sy Hersh’s latest: “Military to Military”  says Obama administration and CIA policy

18 Dec 2015

Negotiations On Syria Continue Today In New York

Next Cold War Roundup 12/18/15 M/W/F 10ish AM Eastern. Some significant events have occurred over the past few days related to the war in Syria and Iraq and the relations between the US and Russia. _ John Kerry met with Russian FM Lavrov and Pres. Putin and the outcome was

16 Dec 2015

Is Saudi Counterterrorism Coalition Real or Power Struggle Between Princes?

Next Cold War Roundup 12/16/15 M/W/F 10ish AM Eastern. Saudi Arabia’s Counterterrorism Coalition: _ As the Saudi operation in Yemen continues to be a stalemate and an outright failure and embarrassment in some areas, and as rumors of a palace coup in the royal family swirl, the Saudi deputy crown prince and

14 Dec 2015

Obama Goes To Pentagon As Free Syrian Army Nears Collapse

Next Cold War Roundup 12/14/15 M/W/F 10ish AM Eastern.   FSA on the Verge of Collapse _ Stars & Stripes is reporting that the Free Syrian Army is on the verge of collapse which means the US-led anti-ISIS coalition would have a hard time creating a ground force.  At the same