Photo by Center For American Progress via Flickr.
23 Apr 2013

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Calls For Reinterpreting Constitution After Boston Bombing

In response to the Boston Bombing, Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes freedoms will have to be curtailed, to protect freedom.

Photo by Mike Bloomberg on Flickr.
16 Mar 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Proudly Stands With Goldman Sachs

Mayor Bloomberg thinks Goldman Sachs needs to be protected from a single former mid-level employee saying mean things about it.

09 Mar 2012

Yet Another AP Report Is Released on NYPD Spying on Muslims

The AP has released a story on documents they say “spell out in the clearest terms yet that the police were monitoring people based on religion.”

Michael Bloomberg. Photo by World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr.
15 Nov 2011

Occupy Wall Street Leaders: “Bloomberg May Have Done Us A Great Favor”

Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement say the police action to evict protesters from Zuccotti Park will only amplify future efforts.

Photo by Michael Fleshman on Flickr.
15 Nov 2011

Why Tents Have Little to Do with Reason Behind Occupy Wall Street Eviction

Mayor Bloomberg’s statement on the major police operation that resulted in hundreds of arrests shows the contempt and scorn the elite have for democracy.

Photo by James Mitchell on Flickr.
15 Nov 2011

Mayor Bloomberg’s Strategy Against Occupy Wall Street: Let Them Eat Snow or Pepper Spray

A nation wide pattern has emerged, possibly coordinated among officials from many states, as political officials try to deal with Occupy Wall Street.

Michael Bloomberg. Photo by World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr.
01 Nov 2011

Michael Bloomberg: Blame Congress, Not Wall Street, For The Housing Bubble

Michael Bloomberg decided to get the story of the mortgage meltdown completely wrong to implicate Congress rather than his Wall Street buddies.

Photo by Mike Bloomberg on Flickr.
18 Oct 2011

Mayor Bloomberg On Occupy Wall Street: “The Constitution Doesn’t Protect Tents”

In response to the Occupy Wall Street movement, Mayor Bloomberg said, “The Constitution doesn’t protect tents. It protects speech and assembly.”

Michael Bloomberg. Photo by World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr.
14 Oct 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Cites Unidentified “Threats” from Public Officials on Brookfield Properties Owners

Mayor Bloomberg claimed the existence of threats against the owners of Zuccotti Park for the stand-down early this morning against Occupy protesters.

Photo by Michael Fleshman on Flickr.
13 Oct 2011

First Step in Eviction of Occupy Wall Street Advanced

New York City officials announced that they would move to clear Zuccotti Park of Occupy Wall Street protesters; Mayor Bloomberg informed the protesters himself.