24 Feb 2016

Javelin Missiles on the Syrian Battlefield, CENTCOM and State Deny Provision

Next Cold War Roundup 2/24/16 Javelin Missiles Show Up on Battlefield in Syria _ Just as a cessation of hostilities agreement is being implemented, Javelin anti-tank guided missiles are showing up on the battlefield in Syria, in the hands of YPG Kurds in Shaddadi, in the Hasakah region.  Many US-backed

10 Nov 2015

Senator Tom Cotton Wrongly Tries To Link Social Security And Drug Addiction

There is absolutely no basis whatsoever for Senator Tom Cotton’s batty claim that Social Security benefits fuels heroin addiction among the poor.

16 Sep 2015

As Opioid Addiction Spreads One Family Cashes In

The CDC also claims that 45% of people addicted to heroin were also addicted to prescription opioid painkillers. The Sackler family, 100% owners of Purdue Pharma, producers of OxyContin, became billionaires through knowingly promoting opioid addiction in America.