07 May 2010

Does the modified Audit the Fed amendment of Bernie Sanders do the job?

Ron Paul clearly does not think that Bernie Sanders modified amendment to a bill to audit the Federal Reserve does “the job.”

06 May 2010

Ron Paul Says Bernie Sanders “Sold Out,” Sided With Chris Dodd to “Gut” Audit the Fed

Ron Paul releases a statement arguing “Bernie Sanders has sold out and sided with Chris Dodd to gut Audit the Fed in the Senate.”

06 May 2010

Bernie Sanders Helps Obama Shield Fed and Too-Big-To-Fail Banks From Scrutiny

Unable to whip the votes against Audit the Fed in the Senate, the White House prevailed upon Bernie Sanders to limit the audit to only going back to 2007, and Bernie complied.  What does that mean?  Scarecrow: The key is not when they audit, it’s what the get to audit.

06 May 2010

Bernie Sanders Changes Audit the Fed Amendment, Dodd Now Cosponsor

Here’s what Bernie Sanders just said from the floor of the Senate, announcing that he is changing his amendment: SANDERS:  In other words, Mr. President, we now have 59 senators who, as part of the budget resolution, voted on this issue, 320 members of congress, the house, two u.s. courts