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The Dissenter

30 Dec 2010

The Best Films of 2010

Screen shot from the trailer of Inception     10. Black Swan   Using the ballet “Swan Lake” as a backdrop, this film intensely brings to life the reality that performers can often lose their selves when performing. Directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler), Nina Sayers

09 Dec 2010

FBI Continues to Target Activists in Chicago and Minneapolis (VIDEO)

On December 6th, Chicagoans came out for an Emergency Response Rally organized by the Committee to Stop FBI Repression to support activists who have been targeted by the FBI in the past months. Those present stood in the cold and condemned U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who has been directing the FBI to expand its repression of activists in Chicago.

06 Oct 2010

Chicago Activists Raided by FBI Refuse to Participate in “Fishing Expedition”

Weeks after the FBI raided their home, two Chicago
activists, Stephanie Weiner and Joe Iosbaker, stood before a crowd of about 150
Chicagoans gathered outside the Dirksen Federal Building and declared during a
press conference they, and twelve others who were subpoenaed, have no intention to go before any grand juries and participate in a “fishing expedition.”

25 Nov 2009

Single Payer Advocates Address Deep Flaws in Democratic Health Bill

On the day before Thanksgiving, members of single payer advocacy organizations gathered for a press conference to voice strong concerns with a Democratic health bill that they feel fails to address the biggest problems with health care in America.


Prison Protest

The Bullpen

25 Jul 2011

The Roundup for July 25, 2011

The President will address the nation from the East Room at 9pm ET. We’ll be waiting. • Nancy Pelosi, in her statement on the competing proposals to raise the debt limit: “It is clear we must enter an era of austerity; to reduce the deficit through shared sacrifice.” Wow. There

25 Jul 2011

Massachusetts AG Coakley: I Won’t Sign Away Liability Over MERS in Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Massachusetts has joined several other states in saying they would oppose a foreclosure fraud settlement if it includes certain liability releases, particularly those relating to MERS. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (yes, that Martha Coakley) wants to retain the ability to pursue lawsuits against the banks and their subsidiaries over

25 Jul 2011

On Obama and the Debt Limit Original Sins

I think it’s worth briefly following the train of thought of Felix Salmon and asking how in the hell we got to a place where trillions in deficit reduction, with trillions more potentially offered in a extra-legislative process, represents the leftward pole of this debate: The lion’s share of the

25 Jul 2011

The Spending Cap and the Timing: All That’s Left to Fight Over

As I noted in my last post, there aren’t a whole lot of differences between Harry Reid and John Boehner’s deficit reduction plans. As far as I can tell, there are two main differences: 1) The spending cap. John Boehner’s plan includes a spending cap, with mandatory, automatic cuts across

25 Jul 2011

The Reid Plan Includes a Catfood Commission

Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer presented their plan for how to deal with the debt limit, which they expect to introduce in the Senate ASAP. And now that we have more of the details, I really don’t know what the two parties are arguing over at this point. Because the

25 Jul 2011

Wisconsin: Walker Shuts Down DMV Offices in Democratic Areas After Passing Voter ID Law

Here’s a slick little two-step from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He knows that he has caused himself and his party tremendous damage by pursuing a radical right-wing agenda. He is desperate to cling to power so these policies don’t get rolled back. So one of his ideas was to pass