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19 Jul 2011

Senate Hearing on US Policy in Yemen: No Discussion of Drones or Anwar al-Awlaki

The United States has enjoyed a close military-to-military relationship with President Ali Abdullah Saleh, providing Saleh with military equipment to help the US prosecute the “war on terrorism” in Yemen. In the past months, however, the US has shifted its position toward Yemen because of the instability created by a

19 Jul 2011

Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike: Prison Staff Not Following Medical Protocol

(photo: Image by Rashid Johnson (Red Onion Prison in Virginia) in support of CA hunger strikers) Prisoners engaged in a hunger strike at Pelican Bay supermax prison have been on strike for more than fifteen days now.  With a growing group of supporters on the outside, the strike against solitary

19 Jul 2011

Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike: Prison Staff Not Following Medical Protocol

Even when someone is on a hunger strike medical care should be given. In fact it is critical that there is regular checks as slowly starving can affect other organs and turn south very quickly. This is not happening for the Pelican Bay hunger strikers.

19 Jul 2011

How the US ‘War on Terror’ Impacts Women and Sexual Minorities

A government can say they are taking a holistic approach to something like the ‘war on terror’ but that does not mean that they are actually doing it. The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice has a new report out showing just how poorly the United States is doing in this area.


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26 Jul 2011

S&P: Boehner Plan Not Enough to Avoid Debt Downgrade

If the goal of last night’s Presidential address was to send a message to Congress to do their jobs, the fact that several Congressional websites allegedly crashed shows that the message was received at some level, and that President Obama should have been doing this kind of call to action

25 Jul 2011

Obama Finally Asks Americans to Organize, for Compromise and Austerity

The President’s speech tonight from the East Room was designed for an audience of non-junkies who haven’t been obsessively following the twists and turns of the debt limit debate. Therefore, for junkies like me who have, not much of it was new. And many of us could hardly understand the

25 Jul 2011

The Roundup for July 25, 2011

The President will address the nation from the East Room at 9pm ET. We’ll be waiting. • Nancy Pelosi, in her statement on the competing proposals to raise the debt limit: “It is clear we must enter an era of austerity; to reduce the deficit through shared sacrifice.” Wow. There

25 Jul 2011

Massachusetts AG Coakley: I Won’t Sign Away Liability Over MERS in Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Massachusetts has joined several other states in saying they would oppose a foreclosure fraud settlement if it includes certain liability releases, particularly those relating to MERS. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (yes, that Martha Coakley) wants to retain the ability to pursue lawsuits against the banks and their subsidiaries over

25 Jul 2011

On Obama and the Debt Limit Original Sins

I think it’s worth briefly following the train of thought of Felix Salmon and asking how in the hell we got to a place where trillions in deficit reduction, with trillions more potentially offered in a extra-legislative process, represents the leftward pole of this debate: The lion’s share of the

25 Jul 2011

The Spending Cap and the Timing: All That’s Left to Fight Over

As I noted in my last post, there aren’t a whole lot of differences between Harry Reid and John Boehner’s deficit reduction plans. As far as I can tell, there are two main differences: 1) The spending cap. John Boehner’s plan includes a spending cap, with mandatory, automatic cuts across