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03 Aug 2011

Activists Urge Chicago Mayor Emanuel to Protect Their Right to Protest During NATO/G8

Antiwar groups and organizers have come together to demand and ensure Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city of Chicago protect their right to hold peaceful permitted rallies and marches when the G8 and NATO meet in May of next year. They have submitted requests for permits more than ten months before the NATO/G8 summits are slated to be held and on July 28 they submitted a letter to the mayor’s office urging the city to commit to guaranteeing their civil liberties during the meetings.

02 Aug 2011

Notes on Civil Liberties for August 2

Here’s today’s blog for the latest news and updates on civil liberties and digital freedom issues. If you have any news tips and would like to contact me, email kevin.gosztola@shadowproof.wpengine.com.   The Pentagon’s $42 million plan to conduct surveillance on social media: Techland reports— The program’s plan is fourfold: 1.

02 Aug 2011

Debt Ceiling Deal Trickery: A Catalyst for an Uprising?

There are many initiatives going on in the country. Protests are happening every day and the people are coming out to show their leaders they are angry and outraged.

Kevin Zeese: “People are all reaching the same conclusion together. There is a groups consciousness that is developing that the dysfunctional government that’s corrupted by corporate dollars is not acceptable anymore.”

02 Aug 2011

Debt Ceiling Deal Trickery: A Catalyst for an Uprising?

The outcome of the debt ceiling talks is a foregone conclusion. An agreement has been established. The Obama Administration and GOP leaders came together and came up with a deal that would satisfy enough of Republican congressman beholden to the right wing economic libertarian “Tea Party.” Democratic leaders were stuck


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The Bullpen

27 Jul 2011

White House, Carmakers Close to Announcing New 54.5 MPG Fuel Economy Standard

I always try to reserve space for at least one silver lining story. That’s been getting more and more difficult of late. Here’s what I could come up with today: carmakers and the White House have reached a deal on new fuel economy standards. The Obama administration is preparing to

27 Jul 2011

Fed Unlikely to Allow “Overdraft Solution” to Debt Limit Crisis

Enterprising saviors of the Republic continue to look for ways out of the debt limit box, and here’s another one: the Treasury Department could simply go overdrawn at the Federal Reserve: This is nothing to do with the 14th Amendment or with coin seignorage — this is just the simple

27 Jul 2011

Elizabeth Warren to Leave Treasury on August 1

Elizabeth Warren hinted at this last week when Richard Cordray was named as the nominee to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but now it’s official – she will leave her position as a counselor to Treasury and Assistant to the President on August 1. And rather than Cordray, the

27 Jul 2011

CBO Analysis of Reid Plan Shows It’s Even More Similar to Boehner’s

We now have a CBO report on Harry Reid’s plan, and what once again sticks out is the extreme similarities with John Boehner’s. Remember that the Boehner plan had discretionary spending caps, a “Super Congress” committee to recommend deficit reduction, spending on program integrity for several programs, increases in Pell

27 Jul 2011

Boehner Debt Limit Plan Has More Concrete Spending in It Than Spending Cuts

The CBO report on John Boehner’s debt limit plan has really set back the effort and probably poisoned the entire enterprise among the more conservative members of his caucus. But it did provide some key information. First of all, take a look at CBO’s summary of the Boehner plan. It

26 Jul 2011

The Roundup for July 26, 2011

How’s doomsday going in your neighborhood? • CBO gave a fairly poor assessment of the Boehner debt limit plan that gets a vote tomorrow, saying that it only reduces deficits $850 billion over ten years, from the March baseline. It reduces more based on January, but March is current law.