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The Dissenter

15 Jul 2011

Notes on Civil Liberties for July 15

Here’s today’s blog for the latest news and updates on civil liberties and digital freedom issues. All times are in EST. And, if you have any news tips and would like to contact me, email 10:50 AM ET The Bill of Rights Defense Committee has launched a campaign, “Shine

15 Jul 2011

Welcome to FDL’s The Dissenter

(photo: Shrieking Tree) It is with great excitement that I welcome you to The Dissenter, a Firedoglake blog that will cover civil liberties and digital freedom issues. It will feature regular coverage of the torture scandal that continues to wear on and the ongoing US government war on WikiLeaks, along

14 Jul 2011

Sen. John McCain Renews Push for Senate Committee to Halt WikiLeaks’ Undermining of America

On Wednesday, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona renewed his push for the creation of a temporary Senate committee to investigate WikiLeaks and the hacktivist group Anonymous that would be called the Committee on Cyber Security and Electronic Intelligence Leaks.

30 Dec 2010

The Best Films of 2010

Screen shot from the trailer of Inception     10. Black Swan   Using the ballet “Swan Lake” as a backdrop, this film intensely brings to life the reality that performers can often lose their selves when performing. Directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler), Nina Sayers


Prison Protest

The Bullpen

28 Jul 2011

Wyden Questions NSA General Counsel on Secret Surveillance Law

Ron Wyden clearly has a secret, something he cannot tell. But he also clearly wants to tell it, to let Americans know how their privacy has been compromised by the surveillance state. So he had an opportunity yesterday, when he got to question an NSA lawyer in a Congressional hearing.

28 Jul 2011

Economic Performance Slowing Well Before Debt Limit Debate

The Labor Department’s report on first-time jobless claims dipped below 400,000 for the first time since April. It shows that all this excuse-making about the debt limit debate affecting the economy is pretty much hokum. The economy is rising and falling on the fundamentals, and right now we’re in a

28 Jul 2011

Infrastructure Maintenance Alone Could Put Millions to Work

Here in this age of austerity, it’s fashionable to point out that the world just doesn’t work the way it did when John Maynard Keynes was the talk of the town. You just can’t find any shovel-ready projects, so weighted are they by environmental impact reports and the other red

28 Jul 2011

Treasury, Fed, Struggle to Define a Post-Debt Limit Future

The Treasury Department at least has to make a contingency plan for what to do in the event that the debt limit is reached. They have very few options that are legal, and the legal options, like minting a trillion-dollar coin with Ronald Reagan’s picture on it (because who would

28 Jul 2011

Boehner Plan Gets Tense Vote Today in House

John Boehner gets a major test of his leadership today when his plan to increase the debt limit gets a vote in the House. I think he’ll pass, as he’s designed the test and can give out the answer sheets, to use a pretty poor metaphor. I don’t believe Boehner

28 Jul 2011

Standard and Poor’s Has Less Leverage Than the Political Class Thinks

Standard and Poor’s rogue actions violate the Securities and Exchange Act, by giving the impression to the political class that they must reduce the deficit by $4 trillion in the next 90 days to avoid a credit downgrade (S&P, mindful of this violation, is now saying that they’ve been misquoted).