About The Shadowproof Membership Program

SP Tote (1)Shadowproof members provide financial stability and a predictable cash flow for our organization.

By donating as little as $5/month, you’ll help us pay our bills to keep the website online while also putting money directly in the pocket of freelance journalists who work with us.

As a token of our appreciation, you’ll be invited to participate in community spaces and activities, shaping the future of our organization.

Members gain access to our Slack chatroom as well as receive a Shadowproof tote bag as a token of our appreciation. They’ll also have the option to receive our members-only newsletter, featuring essays, interviews, and arts & culture reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my Shadowproof membership amount / card information / address / etc?

We’re more than happy to help! Please contact Brian Sonenstein at brian@shadowproof.com

How do I cancel my Shadowproof membership / request a refund?

Please read our refund and cancellation policy for more information.

What is FDL Media Group / why is FDL Media Group on my bank statement?

You may see notice “FDL Media Group” on your bank statement after you donate to us. You’ll also notice that we ask that checks be made out to “FDL Media Group.” That’s because FDL Media Group is Shadowproof’s fictitious business name. It was a placeholder we devised for setting up our organization before we had a name for it. We plan to change it to Shadowproof to avoid confusion in the near future.

Is Shadowproof affiliated with Firedoglake or FDL?

Firedoglake was a predecessor of Shadowproof and you can read about our history on our About page. However, we are an entirely separate organization. While Shadowproof proudly hosts the Firedoglake reporting archive, we’re a separate company. Unfortunately, this means we’re unlikely to be able to help you with any questions or other needs regarding FDL.