22 Aug 2013


…and that’s a wrap. Okay, play the Love Theme from TBogg and roll credits. {!hitembed ID=”hitembed_2″ width=”550″ height=”413″ align=”none” !} With my big black boots and an old suitcase I do believe I’ll find myself a new place I don’t want to be the bad guy I don’t want do

22 Aug 2013

Thursday Night Basset Blogging

They refused to pose together for their last go-around. Whaddya gonna do…?

22 Aug 2013

How Can I Live Without You

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_2″ width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”none” !} Although there will be a few mini-posts this evening before I shuffle off to Buffalo (fat chance of that ever happening) I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their continued readership, lovely emails, comments, gifts, and tax-deductible contributions to establish the

21 Aug 2013

A Gaggle of Geese, A Scrotum of Teabaggers – A Treasury Of Shit I Wrote

Since things are winding down here because I am leaving to find inner peace and outer tan-ness, I’d thought I’d put up a few links to some of the more popular posts I have done over the years.  I mean, it beats writing new stuff. So …. in no particular

20 Aug 2013

Nice Try But ‘No Sale’, Sparky

Obviously this is Bill Kristol’s “Baby, please don’t go. I’ll change. I know I can change” plea to me to stick around: Sarah Palin could rehabilitate her political career with a 2014 Senate run, Bill Kristol said Sunday. “I think the way Palin would possibly resurrect herself, if that’s the

16 Aug 2013

Friday Night Shakira’s Ass: The Last Assening

Since this is the last random ten thingy [insert sad face] I thought I’d just put up my favorite ten songs (I didn’t say that they are THE BEST SONGS EVER … just my favorites) and go out on a high note, by which I mean that I won’t be

15 Aug 2013

Thursday Night Basset Blogging

I discovered this quite by accident today. If I find a tboggbasset/fanfic website I’ll make sure that you guys are the first to know…

14 Aug 2013

Winning Is For Losers

Now that Cory Booker, whom the progressives tell me is just Barack Obummerdroner in blackface, has secured the Democratic nomination for the open Senate seat in New Jersey, people are making plans for what to do, oh lordy, what to do. The Blue America people at Down With Tyranny have

12 Aug 2013

My Opening Farewell, So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, Oh The Places I Will Go, How Can You Miss Me If I Won’t Go Away, Just Leave Already Fer Chrissakes, Post Thingy

Clever person that you are, you no doubt may have inferred from the post title that I will be leaving Firedoglake, which has been my home lo these past six years, in the near future. By which I mean ‘next week’, … by which I mean ‘Thursday-ish’. Yup, let’s say

12 Aug 2013

Tim Pawlenty Has Finally Found Someone He Can Beat

Tim Pawlenty, whom you may remember dropping out of the GOP primaries while the candidates were still doing pre-game stretching (possibly thinking he would get an appreciative nod from Romney. PSYCH!), is getting all butch on TwitterFight (the First rule of TwitterFight is: only 140 characters) about how he totally